AirelleA Trip Down Memory LaneFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
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AndreaPremiseTALES FROM SPACE CITYS4; A/B UK, 1998.10
Andrea AratTranquilized DreamsRESISTANCE #2A/B US, 1988
Andrea AratTraitorRESISTANCE #7A/B US, 1993
ArianneThin PartitionsSONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B US, 1994
ArianneA Confusion of EnemiesSONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B; sequel to "Thin Partitions" US, 1994
AuroraPurrSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B; humor US, 1994
AuroraWithout MercyFIRE AND ICE #4S1?; A/B US, 1998.5
AvonleaWhen to BendLOVE & SACRIFICEA/B US, 1995
Jacquie BahamTeleport!!!CONCUPISCENCE #2A/B mm; US, 1992
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The Bald DwarfVila's ToysAQUATAR #1A/B/V threeway; humor US, 1988
BaravanNight ManeuversLOVE & SACRIFICENear Dark Trilogy 1; Ta/V, A/B US, 1995
BaravanThe Hero of Cor WellenLOVE & SACRIFICENear Dark Trilogy 2; Ta/V, A/B US, 1995
BaravanToo Long a SoldierLOVE & SACRIFICENear Dark Trilogy 3; Ta/V, A/B US, 1995
Jane BaronThe Blink of an EyeOBLAQUE IVA/B US, 1990
Jane BaronFugue,PAEAN TO PRIAPUS IA/B mm; US, 1990
Jane BaronFugue,PAEAN TO PRIAPUS IIA/B mm; US, 1990
Jane BaronWitnessOBLAQUE IVA/V, A/B US, 1990
Brooke BarkerDirty BranchingTEN-CREDIT TOUCHwhichway story; A/B, B/J, orgy, B/V, B/G, A/G; humor US, 1993
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Natasha BarryIf I Loved YouBLAKE, RABBLE & ROLL #2A/B US, 1990
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Natasha BarryCome TogetherRESISTANCE #4A/B US, 1990
Natasha BarryIt's a Small Ship, After AllAVON CALLING IIA/B US, 1991
Natasha BarryFound WantingRESISTANCE #5A/B, B/J, A/C, A/V, C/V, A/O US, 1991
Natasha BarrySomething TangibleRESISTANCE #6A/B US, 1992
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Ababa BrouhahaAlliterative BalladFIRE AND ICE #1A/B; humor US, 1990
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CaeVyeGodot 7TALES FROM SPACE CITYserious parody of Waiting for Godot; S5; A/B UK, 1998.10
CalicoBetween the Pages of a LookFORBIDDEN ZONE #2A/B, uc B/ocm, uc A/ocm US
CalicoAn Infallible CureFIRE AND ICE #5S2; A/B US, 1999.5
Venus CallipygeThe SearchBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
Sue CameronSweet SurvivorBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
Cami and TashaUnending NightmareLIBERATOR DREAMSA/B US, 1990?
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Riley CannonSome Guys Have All the LuckFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
Riley CannonDo Not Go GentleFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
Riley CannonSlings and ErosSONGS OF INNOCENCEA/B US, 1993
Riley CannonJourney's EndSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B US, 1994
Riley CannonB/A/TsSONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B/Ta threeway US, 1994
Riley CannonSet the Night on FireFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
Jane CarnallThis Is a Chronicle That Exists in the Act of Being RetoldHOMOSAPIEN SUXHL story with plot elements from B7, ST, etc.; implied Duncan/Methos, indirectly implied A/B and K/S mm; AU, 1999.2.14
Caroline K. CarbisAppetiteOBLAQUERA/B/V threeway US, 1989
Carol K.DreamTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; dream A/B, dream A/Se, dream A/C, A/Ta UK, 1998.10
CatherineLove and RemorseBUNTING FLY #2A/B mm; US, 1993?
CatherineThe Agony of VictorySOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B US, 1994
CatherineSnake PitSONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B US, 1994
CatherineTo Worship the DevilRESISTANCE #8A/B US, 1994
CatherineWhat Price VictoryFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
CatherineRescueDARK FANTASIES #3A/B mm; US, 1995
CatherineNew DiscoveriesIF THEIR MOTHERS ONLY KNEW #2A/B mm; US, 1995
CatherineToo Much Love Will Kill YouFIRE AND ICE #4S2, post-Pressure Point; A/B US, 1998.5
CatocalaInto the FireTOUCHED #11A/B mm; UK, 1987
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CatocalaInto the Dragon's JawsSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B, A/V US, 1994
Tounge N. CheekDuet for EmmanuelleRESISTANCE #8A/B US, 1994
ChristabelJust As You Like It-- Or Probably NotFORBIDDEN STAR #2script; Shakespeare pastiche; A/B; humor UK, 1997.12
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ClaireWith This RingREBEL DESIRES #1A/B US, 1995
ClaireWorkoutREBEL DESIRES #1A/B US, 1995
Melody ClarkWorkoutTHE LONG WAY BACK A/B; sequel to A-B gen novel THE LAST BEST HOPE; US, 1990?; revised edition, UK, 1997.11)
Melody ClarkRemember the DreamFIRE AND ICE #1A/B US, 1990
Melody ClarkA Story That Doesn't Have an EndRESISTANCE #4A/B; sequel to "A Feast of Bacchanalia" by The Fifth Amendment in #3 US, 1990
Melody ClarkThe Other Half of the SkyRESISTANCE #5A/B US, 1991
Melody ClarkIn Another TimeRESISTANCE #6A/B US, 1992
The Fifth Amendment (=Melody Clark)A Feast of BacchanaliaRESISTANCE #3A/B US, 1989
Cathy ConradThings ChangeTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #5B/female A; humor mm; US, 1990
Cathy ConradBig Bad MamaTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #6B/female A; sequel to "Things Change;" humor mm; US, 1990
CoyoteMysterious Unnamed PlanetADULT SITUATIONS #1B/J, A/C, uc A/B mm; US, 1986.1
CoyotePartners in PainE-MAN-UELLE #4A/B UK
Susan CutterMardi GrasFORBIDDEN STAR #2S1; A/B UK, 1997.12
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Susan CutterNor the Race to the SwiftSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S1; A/B US, 1999.5
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Candra DanesonThe Bonding CeremonyNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B US, 1993
Candra DanesonFantasyNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B US, 1993
Candra DanesonFit to Be TiedNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B US, 1993
Candra DanesonProbesNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B US, 1993
Candra DanesonReunion -- AlternativesNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B US, 1993
Candra DanesonSight to the BlindNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B; alternative ending to "None So Blind" by Jennifer Hurley, in AVON CALLING US, 1993
Candra DanesonSurpriseNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B US, 1993
Candra DanesonUnexpected VisitorNETWORK ENCOUNTERSA/B US, 1993
Caroline DareForce and DeceptionMAGNIFICENT TAILSA/Se, A/B US, 1988
Caroline DareYou're ItOBLAQUESTA Game of Tag, Part 1 US, 1989
Caroline DareLights OutOBLAQUE VA Game of Tag, Part III US, 1991
Caroline DareSnow RideIT'S GREEK TO MEA/B mm; US, 1992
Caroline DareWelcome to My DungeonAVON CALLING IIIA/B/V threeway US, 1994
Derriny DarkThings Like ThisRESISTANCE #7A/B US, 1993
Kate DeerySentenceFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
[Gene S. DelapeniaMemoriesFIRE AND ICE #4gen; prequel to THE LONG WAY BACK by Melody Clark; S0; Se US, 1998.5
Gene DelapeniaTo Whom It May ConcernPLAYFELLOWS #8S4; A/V, past A/Anna, past A/B, past A/C mm; US, 1995.10
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Diaphanous DollyTrouble WithBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4A/B AU, 1987
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pat ellenDeliveranceAVON CALLING IIA/B US, 1991
Judith EllisonReluctant TrustPLAYFELLOWS #6A/B mm; US
EtticlesA Distant LandFIRE AND ICE #1A/B US, 1990
la belle femmeTriumvirateAVON CALLING IB/Tr, A/B US, 1990
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Lynne FranklinBed of SandTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
Lynne FranklinPath of GoldTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B, sequel to "Bed of Sand" US, 1993
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Lynne FranklinThe Beginning of the BargainDARK FANTASIES #2A/B mm; US, 1994
Dawn FriedmanDreamlessLIBERATOR FANTASIESS2?; uc? A/B US, 1998
The Gang of FourDark Cottage of the SoulTHE BIG B7 ZINETa/V, A/B US, 1993
January GarnetNothingDARK FANTASIES #7S1; A/B, B/J, B/V, B/ocm mm; US, 2000
Meg GarrettSpaceship Sherbert BluesSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/B etc.; humor US, 1991
GeminiIdentity CrisisFORBIDDEN STARA/B UK, 1995
GeminiJorgeFORBIDDEN STARA/B; sequel to "Identity Crisis" UK, 1995
GeminiWild, Beautiful, and DamnedFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
GeminiAll in the MindFORBIDDEN STAR #2S5; A/Se, A/B UK, 1997.12
GeminiDomoLIBERATOR FANTASIESalt-S4; A/B, past A/Se, B/Se US, 1998
M. Fae GlasgowThe Truth Will OutOBLAQUERA/B US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowBucolic BlissOBLAQUERA/B US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowThe RoomOBLAQUESTA/B US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowThe Compass of His DesiresPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IA/B mm; US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowCaveat EmptorOBLAQUE VA/B US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowRaptorPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IVA/B mm; US, 1992
M. Fae GlasgowE-MaleOBLAQUE SEXTUSA/B US, 1993
M. Fae GlasgowRosetta StoneOBLAQUE SEXTUSA/B US, 1993
M. Fae GlasgowHead in HandsPAEAN TO PRIAPUS VA/B mm; US, 1993
M. Fae GlasgowOpen All HoursBENE DICTUM HALF'N'HALFA/B mm; US, 1995
M. Fae GlasgowClean SlateBENE DICTUM HALF'N'HALFA/B mm; US, 1995
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Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)Hauf Fun, 'Hale EarnestOBLAQUESTA/B US, 1989
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)RevolutionPAEAN TO PRIAPUS VA/B mm; US, 1993
Cally Fornia Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)Romancing the StoneOBLAQUE SEXTUSA/B; humor US, 1993
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)CreamOBLAQUEA/B US, 1988
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)Come As You AreOBLAQUE IVA/B US, 1990
Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow)Cream and SugarOBLAQUEA/B US, 1988
Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow)HeatstrokeOBLAQUE VA/B US, 1991
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)Rise...OBLAQUEA/V, A/B US, 1988
M. Fae GlasgowThe Things We Do for LoveOBLAQUEA/V, A/B US, 1988
M. Fae GlasgowThe Field of Human ConflictOBLAQUE IVA/V, A/B US, 1990
Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow)Lovers and Madmen: RavelmentPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IIA/B/V threeway mm; US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowLovers and Madmen: UnravelmentPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IIA/V, A/B, B/V mm; US, 1990
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)RaptusPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IVA/V, A/B mm; US, 1992
M. Fae GlasgowIncipitOBLAQUE VVenery I US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowIn Medias ResOBLAQUE VVenery II US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowAnte MortemOBLAQUE VVenery III US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowTerminusOBLAQUE VVenery IV US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowFor A' ThatOBLAQUESTThe Dome Cycle 2 US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowPromises, PromisesOBLAQUE IVThe Dome Cycle 3 US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowShould Auld AquaintanceOBLAQUE VThe Dome Cycle 4 US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowOh L'AmourOBLAQUE SEXTUSThe Dome Cycle 5 US, 1993
Robin GoodfellowBetween Madness and DesireDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A/B US, 1989
Robin GoodfellowChallengeMAGNIFICENT TAILS, TOOA/B US, 1989
Evelyn GreenAvonHEROES #1A/B mm; US
ShoshannaDecisionsSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/B US, 1988
ShoshannaProces VerbalBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
ShoshannaSlash and BurnSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B; humor US, 1990
ShoshannaRepercussionsSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B US, 1990
ShoshannaThe Darkness of the Separate WillSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B US, 1990
Maggie HallMany Coloured GlassCONCUPISCENCE #4A/B, A/V; alternate ending to M. Fae Glasgow's Dome Cycle mm; US, 1995
Cybel HarperAbsolutionRESISTANCE #4A/B US, 1990
Cybel HarperNot AloneBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
Cybel HarperRiskPLAYFELLOWS #5A/B mm; US
Julia HenryRed Leather and SilverleafTALES FROM SPACE CITYS2; A/B UK, 1998.10
A. L. HughesIf Only I Could...OBLAQUEA/J, B/V, A/V, A/B US, 1988
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Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes)HellOBLAQUESTA/B US, 1989
Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes)The Warm PatchOBLAQUESTA/B US, 1989
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Leigh Graham (=A. L. Hughes)MotifOBLAQUEA/B; The Sisterhood Trilogy I US, 1988
Leigh Graham (=A. L. Hughes)Flow Gently, Sweet AftonOBLAQUESTA/B, A/So US, 1989
Jennifer HurleyNone So BlindAVON CALLING IB/C, A/B US, 1990
IrishSuffered FactsSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B US, 1994
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IrishA Familiar CompanionRESISTANCE #8A/B US, 1994
IrishFinally Come HomeFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
IrishCompassionLOVE & SACRIFICEA/B US, 1995
IrishSentimentREBEL DESIRES #1A/B US, 1995
IrishWhile I LiveSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/B US, 1996
IrishTake My HeartSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/B US, 1996
IrishSole VictoryDARK FANTASIES #5A/B mm; US, 1997
IrishCarrying OnDYAD #17A/B US, 1995.9
IsisI Dreamed Last NightFRUIT COCKTAIL #1A/B mm; US, 1991.5
IsisHeroesFRUIT COCKTAIL #2A/B mm; US, 1992.3
IsisHeatTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
IsisValentineTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
IsisThe HauntingTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
IsisA Coupla Revolutionaries Sittin' Around Talkin'THE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
IsisThe Birthday ChroniclesTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
IsisA Season of Pleasure, A Season of PainTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B, Ta/ocm US, 1993
IsisEpilogueTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
IsisSex, Lies, and RevolutionariesSONGS OF EXPERIENCETa/V, A/B US, 1994
IsisMy Heart Leaps UpSONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B US, 1994
Pat JacquerieIn Way of FarewellFIRE AND ICE #4late S2; A/B US, 1998.5
JennerHidden FacetsTALES FROM SPACE CITY #21998 Birthday Party story; S2; A/B UK, 2000.3
JennerMemoriesSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S3- S2, post-Trial- S5; A/Ta, A/B US, 1999.5
Ann Johnson & Jane CarnallA Fate Worse than DeathTOUCHED #3A/B mm; UK, 1984
Trisha JohnsonThree's CompanyINTRIGUING IDEASA/B/V threeway US, 1989
Anya KalashnikovPanacaeaSONGS OF INNOCENCEA/B US, 1993
Katy KatanaBounty HunterPLAYFELLOWS #4A-V, past A/B mm; US
Romilly KerrTwilight on Gauda PrimeRESISTANCE #7A/B US, 1993
KerrvertEverybody Gets It in the EndSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B, G/V, C/J, O/Z; humor US, 1990
Sylvia KnightDescending HorizonRESISTANCE #2A/B US, 1988
Sylvia KnightOn the EdgeRESISTANCE #3A/B US, 1989
Sylvia KnightCertain ChangesFIRE AND ICE #1A/B US, 1990
Julie KramerIn the MeantimeTOUCHED #4A/B mm; US, 1985
Gloria LancasterRetention of TitleAVON CALLING IIIA/B US, 1994
Gloria LancasterLabyrinthDARK ROSESalt-S1; A/B, Ta/V, A/V mm; UK, 1998
Gloria Lancaster and R. Olivia BrownGorgeousFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
Amethyst LaneDrunkRESISTANCE #8A/B US, 1994
Amethyst LaneBeatenFANTASTIC FANTASIESS2; B/Tr, A/B mm; US, 1999
xBryn LantryPuppeteerE-MAN-UELLE #8A/B UK
xBryn LantryAt Each Other's Throats AgainTOUCHED #6A/B mm; UK, 1985
xBryn LantryIn PorphyryTOUCHED #7A/B mm; UK, 1986
xBryn LantryAll of Twelve HoursBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #1A/B AU, 1986
xBryn LantryFugitivesSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/B US, 1987
xBryn LantrySisyphusBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #3A/B, C/J AU, 1987
xBryn LantryGentle GeniusBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
xBryn LantryFanaticsBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
xBryn LantryFaith and DoubtSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B US, 1990
xBryn LantryFealtyRESISTANCE #4A/B US, 1990
xBryn LantryThe HowlingSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/B US, 1991
xBryn LantryConfessions of a Right BastardRESISTANCE #5A/B US, 1991
xBryn LantryPost PandemoniumRESISTANCE #5A/B US, 1991
xBryn LantryWhole of an Ancient EvilFIRE AND ICE #1A/B US, 1990
xBryn LantryVictoryBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #8A/B AU, 1992
xBryn LantryTo Hell Among the RoguesFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
xBryn LantryMender of Bad SoulsSONGS OF INNOCENCEA/B US, 1993
xBryn LantryOver the Styx, Part 1BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #9A/Tr, A/B AU, 1993
xBryn LantryMutinyFORBIDDEN STARA/B, B/G UK, 1995
xBryn LantryThe TreatmentRISKA/B mm; US, 1997
xBryn LantryThe KissFORBIDDEN STAR #2S5, post-alt-S4; uc A/B UK, 1997.12
xBryn LantryThe Honest ManFIRE AND ICE #4alt-S3; A/B US, 1998.5
Sarah B. LeonardConditional SurrenderBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
Sarah B. LeonardDiamonds and RustPLAYFELLOWS #3A/B mm; US
Sarah B. LeonardChimeraPLAYFELLOWS #4A/Raiker, A/B mm; US
Sarah B. LeonardBlake's LeapPLAYFELLOWS #5A/B mm; US
S. LewisBlake's LeapCARELESS WHISPERS A/B; Legends universe; US, 1992)
S. LewisIf You Could Read My MindTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B; Legends universe US, 1993
S. LewisEye of the BeholderTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B; Legends universe US, 1993
S. LewisStop and Smell the RosesTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B; Legends universe US, 1993
S. LewisNight TalkTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B; Legends universe US, 1993
S. LewisIt's the Thought That CountsTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B; Legends universe US, 1993
S. LewisMad, Bad, and Dangerous to KnowFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
S. LewisIt's the Thought That CountsAVON CALLING III-- PERCHANCE TO DREAMA/B; Legends universe US, 1994
LilithA Favor from an EnemyMAGNIFICENT TAILSA/B US, 1988
LilithFavors ReturnedBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
Evi L'InfluenceSleeping ArrangementsTHE BIG B7 ZINETa/V, A/B US, 1993
Evi L'InfluenceTell Me a StoryTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
Maggie LoganRight End of the Wrong RainbowFULL CIRCLE #2A/B-clone mm; AU
M. C. & K. F.The Phoenix and the DragonE-MAN-UELLE #1A/B UK
[Carol McCoyThe Darkling TorrentTHE BIG B7 ZINEgen, S. Lewis's Legends universe US, 1993
[Jennie McGrathA Time of InnocenceTHE BIG B7 ZINEgen; Time of Innocence universe US, 1993
[Jennie McGrathA Small Circle of FriendsTHE BIG B7 ZINEgen; Time of Innocence universe US, 1993
[Jennie McGrathAllegianceTHE BIG B7 ZINEgen; Time of Innocence universe US, 1993
[Jennie McGrathReasonsTHE BIG B7 ZINEgen; Time of Innocence universe US, 1993
Jennie McGrathHomecomingTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B & Ta/V; Time of Innocence universe US, 1993
Jennie McGrathThe PachTHE BIG B7 ZINETa/V, A/B US, 1993
Jennie McGrathSins of the PastTHE BIG B7 ZINETa/V, A/B US, 1993
Alex T. MacKenzieThe Human TouchAQUATAR #2A/B; humor US, 1990
Alex T. MacKenzieThe Tale of the PenetratorRESISTANCE #6A/V, A/B/V threeway, A/Se, B/J, A/J, A/C; AU humor US, 1992
McNeilThe Dersan HutE-MAN-UELLE #6A/B UK
Jane MailanderThe Call of the WildAVON CALLING III--PERCHANCE TO DREAMA/B US, 1994
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MarenWhere There's a WillI DON'T DRINK... WINEA/B mm; US, 1989
MarenChangesI DON'T DRINK... WINEA/V, A/B mm; US, 1989
MarlonSacrifice of SelfLOVE & SACRIFICEA/B US, 1995
Leslie MarshallRescueFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
Leslie MarshallLast DanceTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
Leslie MarshallFirst DanceTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B, sequel to Last Dance US, 1993
Naughtius MaximusSeverely BelovedSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B; humor US, 1990
J. MercedesA Poor RewardRESISTANCE #8A/B US, 1994
J. MeridithDecember DreamsRESISTANCE #6A/B US, 1992
MerLynShip's SoulRESISTANCE #6A/B, B/Ta US, 1992
MerLynBitter PrizeRESISTANCE #6A/B, sequel to "Ship's Soul" US, 1992
MerLynEnd GameRESISTANCE #6A/B, sequel to "Bitter Prize" US, 1992
MerLynBurning for LoveMERLYN'S TALES, Vol. 1A/B, part 1 of 3 mm; UK, 1994
MerLynShot Through the HeartMERLYN'S TALES, Vol. 1A/B, part 2 of 3 mm; UK, 1994
MerLynLiving on a PrayerMERLYN'S TALES, Vol. 1A/B, part 3 of 3 mm; UK, 1994
MerLynWilder JusticeVol. 2B7/Pros/Escape from New York crossover; part 3 of 3, sequel to "Kindred Spirits" and "Blazing Shadows" in Vol. 1, but this is the first story in the series to include B7; implied A/B mm; UK
MerLynThree Time LoserDYAD 15A/B; due to layout error, part of another story is attached at the end, but the B7 story is complete 1994
MerLynTwist in TimeCROSS-CURRENTSMiami Vice crossover; A/B, Crockett/Castillo mm; US, 1996
MireilleBetrayersSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B US, 1994
MistralMorning AfterSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/B/C threeway US, 1991
MistralWorth the Cost at Any PriceSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/B US, 1991
MystralSlaverREBEL DESIRES #1A/B/various ocfs US, 1995
T. A. MokziNo Other LoveAVON, ANYONE?A/B US, 1987?
Christopher MontclairBound by TrustAVON CALLING IA/B US, 1990
Christopher MontclairCythereaAVON CALLING IIIA/B US, 1994
D. D. MontgomeryWere T'Other Dear Charmer AwaySOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/B, B/J US, 1988
Ingrid MontroseA Very Improbable Story, or, 'They're Going at It Again!'TOUCHED #10A/B, A/V; humor mm; UK, 1987
Tattoo MoonAlternate RealitiesDARK FANTASIES #6S5-S4; A/B mm; US, 1999.10
Serious MoonlightThe Forgotten OneFIRE AND ICE #5S2; A/B, past B/ocm US, 1999.5
Elena MoraFirefallFIRE AND ICE #1A/B US, 1990
Elena MoraPoints of LightFIRE AND ICE #1sequel to "Firefall;" A/B US, 1990
Sean Charles (=Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane)Terms of SurrenderOBLAQUERA/ocm, A/B US, 1989
Sean Charles (=Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane)DefensesAVON'S GADGET WORKSA/B US
Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'CullaneHuman After AllDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A/B US, 1989
Adrian C. Morgan and Brendan S. O'CullaneSomething to Live ForOBLAQUESTA/Se, A/ocs, A/B, V/ocm; sequel to "Terms of Surrender" US, 1989
Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'CullanePick up the PiecesSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B, A/V US, 1990
Brendan O'Cullane and Adrian MorganPastoraleRESISTANCE #7A/B US, 1993
Brendan O'Cullane & Adrian MorganReflectionsRESISTANCE #7A/B US, 1993
Adrian Morgan & Ann WorthamIt Was Real for the ChildrenFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
Madelyn Darring (=Jeff Morris)Everybody Wants You NowAVON, ANYONE?A/C, A/B, A/J, A/V; humor US, 1987?
MouseOld Customs, Present ConsiderationsTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/B US, 1993
Vanessa MullenFor NothingEVASIVE MANEUVERSA/B US, 1994
Vanessa MullenAvon, My AvonFIRE AND ICE #3A/B? US, 1995
Vanessa MullenThe Ballad of Reading GaolFORBIDDEN STARA/B, A/V UK, 1995
Vanessa MullenIn Copenhagen HarborRISKA/B mm; US, 1997
Vanessa MullenWhite MutinyFORBIDDEN STAR #2S2, post-Redemption; B/J, A/B UK, 1997.12
Vanessa MullenExpendableLIBERATOR FANTASIESS2, post-Gambit; A/ocm, A-hc, uc A/B US, 1998
Vanessa MullenChallengeFIRE AND ICE #4S1 or S2; humor US, 1998.5
Vanessa MullenNightTALES FROM SPACE CITYS1?; uc A/B UK, 1998.10
Vanessa MullenImpossibleTALES FROM SPACE CITYS1, post-SLD; Se-Anna, A/Anna, A/B UK, 1998.10
Vanessa MullenGambleTALES FROM SPACE CITYS2; A/B UK, 1998.10
Vanessa MullenDreamTALES FROM SPACE CITYS3; dream A/B UK, 1998.10
Vanessa MullenComfortTALES FROM SPACE CITYS3; S2, post-Countdown; implied A/B UK, 1998.10
Vanessa MullenDreamTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; S1?; A/B UK, 1998.10
Vanessa MullenUnspoken ConversationFIRE AND ICE #5S1, post-Duel; uc B/J, uc A/B US, 1999.5
Vanessa MullenCircleSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S1?; A/B/J US, 1999.5
Sophia MulveyThe Path Not TakenSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5B/ocf, past A/ocms, A/So, discussion of possible A/B US, 1988
Ellen NashResolutionDIVERSE DOINGSA/B from B's POV mm; US, 1997
Ellen NashResurrectionDIVERSE DOINGScompanion story to "Resolution;" A/B from A's POV mm; US, 1997
Linda NormanBlake's Seven Go CampingTALES FROM SPACE CITYAU S2; children's book parody; A/V, C/J, A/B, B/Tr, C/J/Se; humor UK, 1998.10
Linda NormanThe Quick and the DeadFIRE AND ICE #5S2; V/ocm, uc A/ocm, A/B US, 1999.5
Linda NormanSecretsFIRE AND ICE #5S2; A/ocm, A/B US, 1999.5
NovaAvon-- by the WindowDARK ROSESS5; A/ocms, A/B mm; UK, 1998
NovaDelinquentSOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5S1; A/B US, 1999.5
NovaBody and SoulDYAD #19S5; A/B mm; US, 1999.4
NovaFive Easy Pieces and a More Difficult OneHOMOSAPIEN SUXS2; A/B mm; AU, 1999.2.14
NovaDreams of an InsomniacTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S2; A/B, uc A/ocm UK, 2000.3
NovaMatchmakerBEND ME, SHAPE MES1; V POV; A/B, B/J, C/J, G/V AU, 2000.5
NovaHead I Win, Tails You LoseBEND ME, SHAPE MES1; B POV; B/J, A/B AU, 2000.5
NovaAngels and DevilsBEND ME, SHAPE MES4; J POV; A/B, J/Raiker, B/J, J/V AU, 2000.5
NovaWallsBEND ME, SHAPE MES1-S2; G POV; B/J, B/C, uc G/V, uc A/G, A/B AU, 2000.5
NovaI Do Not Need Anyone at AllBEND ME, SHAPE MES2-S3; A POV; A/B AU, 2000.5
NovaMetaphorically SpeakingBEND ME, SHAPE MEalt-S1, S0; C POV; A/B, C/J, G/V AU, 2000.5
NovaZen and the Art of Slash WritingBEND ME, SHAPE MES2; Z POV; A/B AU, 2000.5
Mal O'DarMost Embarrassing PredicamentAVON, ANYONE?A/B US, 1987?
N. O'TreallyFatal DistractionFORBIDDEN STARA/B; humor UK, 1995
Helen PatrickA Trifling AffairTALES FROM SPACE CITYoriginally published as "Boots and Cream" in webzine ORACnid; S1?; A/B UK, 1998.10
Helen PatrickZipperDIVERSE DOINGS #3S4; A-So, past A/B mm; US, 1998.11
PattiWalking in the DarkLIBERATOR FANTASIESS1; uc A/B US, 1998
PaulaAffirmationSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/B; epilogue to "Renascence," a gen story in INTERFACE #9 US, 1987
PaulaRepercussions-- A Love StorySOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B; Jabberwocky universe US, 1994
PeighiPreoccupied ThoughtsBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #8B/J, A/B AU, 1992
Ermentrude Postlethwaite-Smythe MINDFIRE MINDFIREB/J, A/B AU, 1992
PredatrixVampire SnippetTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S1?; A/B, implied C/V; humor UK, 2000.3
PredatrixDear DiaryTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S5; A/Ta, A/B, Ta/V; humor UK, 2000.3
PredatrixHidden FacetsTALES FROM SPACE CITY #21998 Birthday Party story; S1?; A-V, A/B UK, 2000.3
PredatrixHidden Facets 2TALES FROM SPACE CITY #21998 Birthday Party story; S1?; A/B UK, 2000.3
Predatrix and Helen PatrickKeeping WarmTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S1; A/B dialogue; humor UK, 2000.3
PredatrixOne Thing As Certain As DeathFORBIDDEN STAR #2S1; A/B UK, 1997.12
PredatrixTriptychFIRE AND ICE #4"a story in three pairs of sonnets;" A/B US, 1998.5
PredatrixAutomatic ReactionsTALES FROM SPACE CITYS2?; A/B UK, 1998.10
Predatrix and Another LadyPlenty of Cock and a Fair Bit of Bull (or, the Avon as a Size Queen Story)THE ENDLESS FARCEor, the Avon as a Size Queen Story "A Sex Comedy by Predatrix with Another Lady;" UK, 1999.2
PredatrixIn Which Avon Gets Unbounced (or, the Avon Sandwich Story)THE ENDLESS FARCEor, the Avon Sandwich Story "A Sex Comedy by Predatrix with Another Lady;" UK, 1999.2
PredatrixAvon Makes a StandTHE ENDLESS FARCEpart 3 of 4; S1; A/B "A Sex Comedy by Predatrix with Another Lady;" UK, 1999.2
PredatrixA Sight for Sore ArseTHE ENDLESS FARCEpart 4 of 4; S1; A/B, A/G "A Sex Comedy by Predatrix with Another Lady;" UK, 1999.2
Judith Proctor and Vanessa MullenAs Time Goes ByFIRE AND ICE #4S1; A/B US, 1998.5
H. R. RadeiTrust MeBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
H. R. RadeiNight SweatsPLAYFELLOWS #7A/B mm; US
Bret RamroyAbsurd/BalderdashTEN-CREDIT TOUCHA/B; humor US, 1993
Bret RamroyThe Day Avon Memorized the ThesaurausTEN-CREDIT TOUCHA/B; humor US, 1993
Jamie Melody RandallBeyond the Far HorizonSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B US, 1994
Jamie Melody RandallEchoes of LoveSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B, C/J, A/So, D/G, V/Lauren, So/Ta; sequel to "Beyond the Far Horizon" US, 1994
Jamie Melody RandallComing Out of the DarkSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B, B/J, D/G, So/Ta, C/J, V/Lauren; sequel to "Echoes of Love" US, 1994
Jamie Melody RandallTrick, Or Treat?XXX FILES: THE FRISKY PROJECTA/B mm; US, 1994
Jamie Melody RandallNew Day DawningFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
Susan RiazFuture AmbitionsFORBIDDEN STAR #2S5; uc A/Ta, A/B UK, 1997.12
Susan RiazEchoes of BetrayalFIRE AND ICE #4S0; A/B US, 1998.5
Steve RogersonContinuumTALES FROM SPACE CITYS5; A/B UK, 1998.10
Pam RoseSecond SightFIRE AND ICE #1A/B US, 1990
Ann Wortham & Leah RosenthalSet UpMORE NAUGHTY BITSA/J, A/B; humor mm; US, 1990
Emily C. RossSweeter Than WineRESISTANCE #6A/B US, 1992
Kami SaiidLover's QuarrelRESISTANCE #2A/B US, 1988
Rose St. ClairGratuitous EroticismSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5parallel stories; A/B US, 1991
Rose St. ClairGratuitous RevengeSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5parallel stories; A/B US, 1991
Catherine SalmonThe Power of LoveEVASIVE MANEUVERSA/B US, 1994
Catherine SalmonTo Trust a FriendREBEL DESIRES #1A/B US, 1995
Noah SassenachWet DreamsTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; S1?; dream A/C, dream A/B UK, 1998.10
Phillipa ScottCastle in the AirSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5B/J, A/Anna, A/B US, 1991
Sea WolfDivergenceFORBIDDEN STARA/B UK, 1995
SebastianSo Easy to GiveTOUCHED #7A/B mm; UK, 1986
SebastianInterjunctionBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #3A/B AU, 1987
SebastianBittersweetOBLAQUE IVA/V, A/B/V threeway, A/B US, 1990
SebastianCat's CradleOBLAQUE VA/B US, 1991
SebastianCat's CradleOBLAQUE VA/B US, 1991
SebastianRapturePAEAN TO PRIAPUS IVA/B mm; US, 1992
SebastianVirtual RealityOBLAQUE SEXTUSA/B US, 1993
SebastianMelancholyFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
Jan SerronFoot StepsBEFORE AND AFTERA/B US, 1991?
Willa ShakespeareSerpents in ParadiseSONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B US, 1994
Willa ShakespeareDeliver Us from EvilFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
Willa ShakespeareLove's IllusionsLIBERATOR FANTASIESS1; A/B US, 1998
Willa ShakespeareLove's IllusionsCOMA AVON NIGHTS or Kiss of the Avon Lady slash and adult; S3; O/Z, A/C, B/J, A/B, A/V, V/ocfs, A/D, A/G, A/Lauren, A/Ta, J/V, D/Ta, A/J, A/Tr, J/Tr, A/Se, G/The Incredible Hulk, D/Se/V, A/Anna; humor)
Willa ShakespeareWhite KnightFIRE AND ICE #4S2; A/B US, 1998.5
Willa ShakespeareDivide and Conquer, or, Plan 9 from AndromedaFIRE AND ICE #4alt-S3, A-hc, A/B, J/V, Ta US, 1998.5
Willa ShakespeareOutwittedFIRE AND ICE #4S5; A/B, A/Se US, 1998.5
Willa ShakespeareBlood TiesFIRE AND ICE #5S5; A/B; vampirism US, 1999.5
Willa ShakespeareThe Ultimate Unauthorized HellhoundSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S5; A/B US, 1999.5
Willa ShakespeareDelta MathSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S1?; A/V, A/B, B/J; humor US, 1999.5
Willa ShakespeareForget-me-notSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S5; A/B; humor US, 1999.5
Tashery ShannonRemembranceEVASIVE MANEUVERSA/B US, 1994
Six Ladies of QualityRemembranceSTARWYCK K/S and mm, with very brief mention of A/B; humor)
MacBeth Smith and Ophelia JonesRemembranceTHIEVES IN TIME S0-1-3-4-5; Darkover crossover; A/V, A/Se, V/ocms, A/Tynus, A/Anna, A/B; US, 1993.5)
Northwest SmithA Question of BalanceSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/B US, 1987
Northwest SmithA Price to PayRESISTANCE #3A/B US, 1989
Northwest SmithNon-Messianic ThoughtsSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B US, 1990
Northwest SmithContinue to ContinueSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/B US, 1991
Natasha SoltenDrowningRESISTANCE #1A/B US, 1987
Natasha SoltenFifty-FiftyRESISTANCE #1A/B US, 1987
Natasha SoltenThe Conquering TouchRESISTANCE #2A/B US, 1988
Natasha SoltenReaching for DeathRESISTANCE #2A/B US, 1988
Natasha SoltenReaching for DeathLUNATIC HEROES A/B; US, 1989)
Natasha SoltenReaching for DeathMEMORY-PLAY A/B; US, 1990)
Natasha SoltenFallingRESISTANCE #5A/B US, 1991
Natasha SoltenBest of ShowRESISTANCE #5A/B US, 1991
Natasha SoltenThe Last TimeRESISTANCE #6A/B US, 1992
Natasha SoltenThe Angel, the Saint, the Rebel, the Dead Man, and MeRESISTANCE #7A/B US, 1993
Natasha SoltenThe Ghosts of Gauda PrimeFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
SoniaCompromising PositionsSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/B clone, V/ocf US, 1993
SoniaUp in (Blue) SmokeSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5Blue US, 1991
Julia StamfordFrozen in HellFORBIDDEN STAR #2uc A/B, uc B/J, past A/J UK, 1997.12
Julia StamfordThree Times DailyFORBIDDEN STAR #2S2, A/B UK, 1997.12
Julia StamfordAt the Closing of the DayLIBERATOR FANTASIESS2, post- Redemption; A/B US, 1998
Julia StamfordStripping the ScalesFIRE AND ICE #5S1; A/B, A/J US, 1999.5
Julia StamfordTool KitFIRE AND ICE #5sequel to "Stripping the Scales;" S1; A/B US, 1999.5
Julia StamfordWith This RingSOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5S1; A/B US, 1999.5
Julia StamfordFor Pity's SakeDIVERSE DOINGS #4S1; A/B mm; US, 1999.5
Leah StarskyThe Great OracSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B, C/J, G/V; humor US, 1994
Leah StarskyEternitySONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B US, 1994
Leah StarskyIt Don't Come EasySONGS OF EXPERIENCEA/B; sequel to "Eternity" US, 1994
Leah StarskyThough Memories Die, Love RemainsFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
Leah StarskyStalemateREBEL DESIRES #1A/B US, 1995
Leah StarskyCaste GamesFIRE AND ICE #4S1?; A/B US, 1998.5
Leah StarskyHostage HeartFIRE AND ICE #4S2, post-Hostage; A/B US, 1998.5
Sandy SteinA Dream of PeaceTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; S3?; dream A/B UK, 1998.10
Sandy SteinerA Snippet-- Avon's EyesTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2A-B-V-C-the author; A/C, implied A/B; humor UK, 2000.3
StormThe KissCOMPOUNDED INTEREST #2S5?; A/B mm; US, 1993
TabbyThe Perfect SolutionTONGUE IN CHEEKA/B mm; US, 198?
TaliesinThe Devil You DoSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/B US, 1996
TaliesinMemento MoriAWAKENINGS #5S5; A/B mm; US, 1998
TaraWildernessRED ROSE #1A/B mm; US?, 199?
TaraDestinationUNCHARTED WATERS #13A/B mm; UK
TaraTrusting to FateFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
TaraLegacyFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
TaraDesperate MeasuresCOHORTS #1A/B, A/V mm; AU, 1995
TaraBattle GroundCOHORTS #2A/B mm; AU, 1995
TashaAll the Time in the WorldAQUATAR #2A/B US, 1990
TashaHolidaySATYRNALIAA/ocm, A/B mm; US
TempleNightsE-MAN-UELLE #3A/B, J/? UK
TenayaDouble DuelINTRIGUING IDEASA/V, B/V, A/B US, 1989
Barbara TennisonRecovery TimeSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/B US, 1988
Pat TerraPlanetfallFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
Pat TerraBrillianceAVON CALLING IIIA/B, A/V, C/V US, 1994
Pat TerraThe GiftFIRE AND ICE #3A/B US, 1995
Pat TerraClonemasterFIRE AND ICE #4S2, post-Weapon; A/B US, 1998.5
Linda TerrellRandom AccessSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/B US, 1988
Linda Terrell and Ginny MilaImage on My SoulTOUCHED #9A/B mm; UK, 1986
ThomasPedestalFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
ThomasSplendid IsolationFIRE AND ICE #2A/B US, 1993
K. Thomas and D. D. MontgomeryGlass HouseOBLAQUE VA/B US, 1991
D. ValentineAvon's CallingSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B US, 1990
Various Perpetrators (Orac, Andrea, Malissa, Misha, Alicia Ann Fox, Steve Rogerson, Ivor Brian Gunn, Ellie, Deborah, Susan, Cami, Twisted Sister, Calle, Alara, Helen, Sandy, Harriet, Robert, Christabel, Alison)The Black Round RobinTALES FROM SPACE CITYscript; AU; A/Susan, A/Ta, G/Ta, C/Ta, A/C, V/Avalon, C/V, implied D/V, implied D/Og, B/J, A/B, implied J/V, implied B/V, A/Og, Andrea/Tom Paris; humor UK, 1998.10
Ava B. VavaAnother Bizarre VerseFIRE AND ICE #1A/B; humor US, 1990
Ellis WardA Form of ComfortBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4A/B AU, 1987
Ellis WardTo Save a FriendSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/B US, 1988
Ellis WardReasonsBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #5A/B AU, 1988
Ellis WardProvisional SurrenderLIBERATOR DREAMSA/B US, 1990?
Audrey WeirdsleyCat FlapREBEL DESIRES #1A/B US, 1995
Snow WhiteAlternativesFIRE AND ICE #1A/B US, 1990
Matilda WillardWeight WatchersAVON CALLING IIA/B US, 1991
Matilda WillardFestivalAVON CALLING IIA/B US, 1991
Matilda WillardStrandedAVON CALLING IIIA/B US, 1994
Matilda WillardThe Quality of MercyAVON CALLING III-- PERCHANCE TO DREAMA/B US, 1994
Amy WilliamsDominationINTRIGUING IDEASA/B US, 1989
K. Ann YostSweet RevengeSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5B/J, A/B US, 1994
K. Ann YostMachinationsSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/B, A/V US, 1996
Kody A. YoungScreaming in the NightDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A-Ta; A/B/V threeway US, 1989
Kody A. YoungNo Promises, No RegretsSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/B US, 1991

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