(Multimedia gen, adult, and slash)
Date: April 1989
Publisher: 4M Press

B7 Fiction:

Kathy Keetch, "Sarcophagus" (Filk)
Maren, "Where There's a Will" (B/A) (1st season) (3 pages)
Jeff Morris, "The Lazarus Game" (V/ocf, A/ocf) (3rd season) (7 pages)
Maren, "Terminal" (B/C) (3rd season) (2 pages)
Elsie Paule, "Once Upon a Midday Dreary" (A/ocf, V/ocm) (2nd season) (10 pages)
Jeff Morris, "Stowaway" (gen) (1st season) (5 pages)
Maren, "Changes" (A/V, B/A) (4th season) (4 pages)
Elsie Paule, "Metamorphosis" (gen) (2nd season) (10 pages)
Kim McCarthy, "Homestead" (B7/Dark Shadows) (5 pages)
(Servalan/Barnabus Collins)
Elsie Paule, "A Little Touch of Death" ("Metamorphosis" sequel) (V/A) (2nd season) (17 pages)
M & M & M, "The Best It's Ever Been" (gen) (1/2 page)

B7 Art:

Lynne Alisse Witten pg 1 (coffin)
Theresa Buffaloe pg 18 (ocf)
Theresa Buffaloe pg 112 (A)

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