Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

"Zipper," is a short, sweet, sad tale of fourth-season Avon's thoughts about Blake.

"Present" continues the A/Ta relationship begun in the award- winning story "Anniversary." Avon reacts predictably to the previous incident, but Tarrant launches a well-planned campaign to change his mind.

Both stories are very hot and very enjoyable! Oh, and I note that =Diverse Doings= #3 also has non-B7 stories by two other Citizens, Andrea (a Voyager story) and Mireille (X-Files, M/K). I confess that I haven't read those stories yet, as I intend to gobble up my B7 goodies first; but anything from those authors is sure to be good.


Editor: Kathryn Agel
Publisher: Straight Up Press (Bayonne, NJ)
Date: November 1998
Format: letter size, 172 pp., colored paper front cover with clear plastic overlay, black card back cover, white comb binding

B7 fiction:
Helen Patrick, "Zipper" (S4; A-So, past A/B)
Susan Cutter, "Present" (sequel to "Anniversary" in #1; S3; A/Ta)

B7 art:
Anja Gruber p. 55 A/B
Val Westall p. 75 A/Ta; illo for "Present"
p. 78 A/Ta; illo for "Present"

Other fandoms: Mag 7, HL, XF, UNCLE, Pros, Voyager, RP, DS

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Last updated on 20th of March 2001.