Southern Comfort 5.5

SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (adult and slash)
Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: 1990


Anna Lee, "...Hoops of Steel" (A/V)
Hakucho, "Just Say No" (A/V)
Shoshanna, "Slash and Burn" (A/B)
Coral Court, "Scandal" (A/V)
Noo Ki Arrus, "Eve of Terror" (A/V)
D. Valentine, "Avon's Calling" (A/B)
Valerie Francois, "Expertise" (A/V)
J. D. Reece, "A Friendly Drink" (J/C)
Paula, "Comfort" (B/Soolin) (Jabberwocky universe)
Linda Knights, "Invitations" (A/C/D)
Daley Kelly, "Reaffirmation" (A/V)
Sonia, "Choices" (A/J)
Northwest Smith, "The End of the Last Episode of the Fifth Season" (humor)
London Bates, "Breakthrough" (A/B)
N. T. Casillas, "Sealed with a Kiss" (A/V)
Northwest Smith, "Non-Messianic Thoughts" (A/B)
Valerie Francis, "Spare Parts" (A/V)
London Bates, "It Was a Dark and Stormy Nookie" (A/B)
Victoria Towers, "Beyond Horizon" (B/J)
Jane Carnall, "Afterword" (sequel to "Quietus" by Victoria Towers) (A/V)
Anais, "The Rules Explained" (B/V)
Pandora LeCarre, "Retreat" (V/oc)
Kerrvert, "Everybody Gets It in the End" (A/B, V/G, J/C, O/Z)
Valerie Francis, "Bloodgifts" (Bloodlust universe) (A/V)
Riley Cannon, "A Walk in the Woods" (B/A/J menage)
R. L. Parker, "Against All Odds" (B/V)
R. L. Parker, "Revelation" (A/V)
Shoshanna, "Repercussions" (A/B)
Shoshanna, "The Darkness of the Separate Will" (A/B)
Naughtius Maximus, "Severely Beloved" (A/B)
Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'Cullane, "Pick up the Pieces" (A/B, A/V)
Dorian Gale, "By Love Ensnared" (Avon/Anna)
Coral Court, "Then and Now" (Jenna/Avalon)
C. A. McCoy, "Colliding Destinies" (V/T)
Nova Salsh-Kalbe, "Interlude" (A/Soolin)
xBryn Lantry, "Faith and Doubt" (A/B)


Letters of Comment
The Mixed Marriage Guide Reference for Alpha-Delta
Couples (humor)
The Official Delta Sex Test (humor)
The Mixed Marriage Guide for Alpha-Delta Safe Sex (humor)


Judith Ellison, "Assumptions" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Ultimate Pleasure" (A/B)
Merlin, "Ship's Night" (A/B)
Kerrvert, "Both Sides Now" (f)
Brendan O'Cullane, "Litany" (A/V)
Brendan O'Cullane, "Certain/Uncertain" (A/V)
Judith Ellison, "Pathway" (A/B)
Constance Applebee, "Endgame" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "A Mistake" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Bribery" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Revenge" (A/B)
Robin Hood, "Unfinished Symphony" (A/B)
Leah Rosenthal, "Justification" (A/B)
Robin Hood, "Night Music" (A/B)
Anais, "Dayna and the Unicorn" (A/D)


Linden Boats cover, color "Hellhound Fantasy
Fish Bates back cover "Amidst the Tumbling Moons"
Leah Rosenthal p. 1 A/B
p. 20 A/V
p. 96 Bizarro A/B
p. 104 B/J
p. 115 V/J
p. 116 B-A-V
p. 138 Shooting Script cartoon
p. 154 B in sweater
p. 183 Les Misrebels
p. 243 "Last Stand" cartoon
London Bates 69 p. 61 nude V
L. Bates #7 p. 82 A/B
London Bates #61 p. 213 Banana cartoon
CeleBates p. 117 A/B on beach
Jail Bates #22 p. 255 A/B
The Phantom Artist p. 158 B/V, faces
p. 171 A/B, faces
p. 176 A/B, faces, kissing
London Bates #102 p. 11 A/B/V cartoon
Adrian Morgan p. 56 V bondage cartoon
p. 98 A/V in bath
p. 118 V undressing
p. 215 A & V
Jessikah p. 79 A/B cartoon
London Beets p. 191 A/V
Gayle Feyrer p. 113 A
Sarah S. p. 146 A/V in bed
Jessikah & C. Daniels p. 6 "Last Stand" cartoon
The Real McBates p. 182 illo for "Severely Beloved"

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