Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: November 1994


Catocala, "Into the Fire" (A/B)
Catocala, "Into the Dragon's Jaws" (A/V)
Catocala, "Out of the Embers" (A/B/V)
Jane Mailander, "The Right Place to Go" (B/V)
Cami, "Sand Sculptures" (So/Ta, D/Ta, Se/Ta)
Catocala, "First of a Thousand and One" (A/V)
Irish, "Suffered Facts" (A/B)
V. Lasic, G. H. Erkin, & K. Osher-Dill, "Cucumbers Are
Not the Only Fruit" (3rd-series crew/veggies)
Lexa Reiss, "The Nothing That Is" (Ta/Tr/ocs)
Catherine, "The Agony of Victory" (A/B)
Leah Starsky, "The Great Orac" (A/B, C/J, G/V)
Irish, "Turn, Turn, Turn" (A/B/V)
Rhapsodie, "You Ought to Be In Pictures" (So/Ta, D/Ta, Se/Ta)
Paula, "Repercussions-- A Love Story" (A/B; Jabberwocky universe)
Mireille, "Betrayers" (A/B)
S. E. Thompson, "Moral Minority" (A/C)
K. Ann Yost, "Sweet Revenge" (A/B/J)
Vanessa Mullen, "Substitute" (A/G)
Aurora, "Purr" (A/B)
Pat Jacqueri, "Farewell Performance" (So/V)
Jane Mailander, "Kokopelli's Dance" (B/?, J/?, A/?)
Riley Cannon, "Journey's End" (A/B)
Ellis Ward, "In Lieu of Regrets" (A/V) (reprinted from Touched)
W. K. D. Ways, "Sex and Sensibility: An (Im)Morality Tale" (orgy, 3rd-series crew)
JMR, "Beyond the Far Horizon" (A/B)
JMR, "Echoes of Love" (A/B, A/So)
JMR, "Coming Out of the Dark" (A/B, B/J)


Jude, "Tell Tale Eyes" (A/B)
Jude, "A Man Alone" (A/B)
Jane Mailander, "An Oblique Song" (f, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
Jude, "Hold and Heal" (A/C)


Leah Rosenthal cover, color A (Silver Alpha)
p. 6 A, B
p. 13 V
p. 39 V, illo for "First of
1000 and One"
p. 46 cartoon: balloon sculpture
p. 48 D, C; illo for "Cucumbers"
p. 52 A/cucumber; illo
p. 54 Ta/V/melon; illo
p. 57 cartoon: safe sex
p. 121 "Lord of the Computers"
p. 123 "The Rebel Prince"
p. 126 cartoon illo for "Moral Minority"
Undone Grates p. 155 B/J cartoon
London Grapes p. 122 "Sweet Savage Delta"
Randym back cover kinky A/Ta
p. 28 So/Ta
p. 31 D/Ta
p. 35 Se/Ta
p. 94 D/Ta (same as p. 31)
p. 96 So/Ta (same as p. 28)
p. 99 Se/Ta (same as p. 35)
p. 182 "The Blakey Horror Picture Show"

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