Editor: H. Ann Walton
Publisher: Queen's Press (Bryan, TX)
Date: May 1993
Format: letter size, 141 pp., pale brown card covers with "tear" in front, black comb binding

B7 fiction:
Airelle, "A Night with Blake, or, Ballad for a Crossed- over Fan" ("for Brigitte's birthday;" Christmas story; S2; ST/STTNG/Pros/UNCLE/S&H/etc. crossover; A/B, C/J, B/V, B/Napoleon, B/Spock, B/Starsky, B/Doyle/Murphy/teddy bear with Murphy's soul, B/O; humor)

Other fandoms: Eq, S&H, QL, WotW, Pros, MV, UNCLE, Sherlock Holmes

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