B7 Contents of #2

Editor: TACS
Publisher: AMC Press
Date: 1993

Format: letter size, [4] + 162 pp. + unnumbered art pages, full-color card front cover with clear plastic overlay, white card back cover, black comb binding

B7 fiction:
Storm, "The Kiss" (S5?; A/B)

Other fandoms: Pros, MV, Cuckoo Waltz, Doctor in the House, WotW

B7 Contents of #3

published by AMC Press, 1994 (TACS)
distributed by Bill Hupe

"Time Thoughts" by Margaret MacDonald (A/V poem)
"Fifth Season Pillow Talk" by Margaret MacDonald (A/V)
A/V also feature v v briefly in a multi-media story in this zine (but blink and you'd miss em..)

CI#3 is mostly Pros, but also Equaliser, Kung Fu and Sherlock Holmes.

B7 Contents of #4

published by AMC Press, 1995 (TACS)
officially reprinted by Bill Hupe

"Master of the Rebels" by Jane Mailander, a B7 spoof of the Pros slash opus "Master of the Revels". Blake gets knocked on the head during the raid on Central Control and becomes convinced he is a master magician. Jenna Vila & Avon have to disguise themselves as a troupe of performing artistes until Cally can rescue them... This is fun, but not really slash at all, although B does occasionally feel Avon up...

CI#4 also features DS9 (G/B), Pros (Murphy)/XFiles crossover, Kung Fu, Sherlock Holmes, Forever Knight and QL.

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