Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

DD #4 has another of Julia Stamford's elegantly written, emotionally wrenching A/B stories. In contrast to the more common setup in which Blake suffers unrequited desire for Avon, here it's the other way around. Blake decides spontaneously to do a good deed; but in the B7 universe that's often not a good idea. I hesitate to recommend buying an entire zine on the basis of one story, especially when I haven't read the others; but if the other stories are as good as this one, and if you like the other fandoms, then the zine is an excellent buy.


DIVERSE DOINGS #4 (slash) Editor: Kathryn Agel
Publisher: Straight Up Press (Bayonne, NJ)
Date: May 1999
Format: letter size, 163 pp., marbled paper front cover with clear plastic overlay, white card back cover, white comb binding

B7 fiction:
Julia Stamford, "For Pity's Sake" (S1; A/B)

Other fandoms: RP, Pros, XF, Voyage, Mag 7, Sentinel, SAAB, UNCLE

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Last updated on 20th of March 2001.