This information was correct at the time we collected it, but please note that zines go in and out of print and that prices may change. We recommend that you send an SAE to check the information before sending any money. If we quote an e-mail address here, then that may be worth trying first, but remember that people frequently change e-mail addresses so don't assume that a zine is unavailable simply because an e-mail does not get a reply.


In Australia all orders and enquiries (with SSAE) to:-
Susan Smith-Clarke or Chronicles
P O Box 517
NSW 2777,

Make all payments payable to "Susan Clarke" - anything else will not be accepted as it cannot be banked. No personal cheques please. Send cash if you wish, but only at your own risk. Bank cheques or draft, please add $2 for bank fees.

Susan suffers from frequent ill health, so don't be surprise if you encounter delays.

Susan Clarke's Web Page.

Back issues (listed & non-listed) are available as quality photocopies (in some cases better than the originals) from

Joanne Kerr
6 Bellevue Road
NSW 2776,

These zines can now be directly ordered here.

CHRONICLES - Blakes Seven General

This is our general Blake's Seven zine, containing articles, fiction, poetry, reviews, entertaining editorials & letter columns. Winner of the Australasian Science Fiction Media Awards for Best Media Fanzine four years in a row, nominated for FanQ Awards. Available for subscription, trade or contribution. Normally 46pp, stapled. Subscription rates for five issues are: $25.00 posted in Aust., $35.00 posted surface overseas, & $50.00 posted airmail overseas. Single issues are available & all back issues are available for $5.00 ($10.00 double issues) posted in Aust. from Joanne Kerr. Current in-print issues:

CHRONICLES ANNUAL - Blake's Seven General

This is where the extra long Chronicles stories end up, along with art, poetry, puzzles. Approximately 180pp, card covers. Doesn't necessarily come out every year. This is not part of the Chronicles subscription, and must be bought separately. Available for trade and contribution as well. In print issues:

1989 Annual - 162pp. Contains four long stories by Rosemary Woodhouse, minds-i-view,Cindy Rancourt and Vannessa Kelly. Art by minds-i-view (cover), Kathryn Andersen and Rosemary Woodhouse.


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1988 Annual - 160 pp. Stories & poetry by Yvonne Hintz, Moira Dahlberg, Sheila Tracy, Cathy Lynn Goodwin, Sue Bursztynski, & others. Lots of beautiful artwork as well.

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1987 Annual - 180 pp. Stories by Yvonne Hintz, Moira Dahlberg, Sheila Tracy, Cathy Lynn Goodwin, Sue Bursztynski, & others.


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1986 Annual - is a photocopy reprint. 180pp. All the usual award-winning artists and writers.


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This zine features B7 stories, poems, & art of a hetero and slash (same sex) nature, usually 50% of each. Nominated for FanQ Awards. Card covers. Current issues are:

These are all available from Susan Clarke and Joanne Kerr in Australia. These reprints are available here.

Detailed contents listings

Issues # 1 - 5 available as reprints from Joanne Kerr. Cost each: $7.00 in person, $11.00 posted in Aust., $14.00 posted air to NZ, $12.00 seamail to NZ, $18.00 posted airmail overseas, $13.00 seamail overseas.

Issue #1 (141 pgs) Fiction by xBryn Lantry, Spirk & Kock, Sue Bursztynski, Susan Clarke, London bates, Gail Neville, Sue Man Chew, Cally From the Alley and more.

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Issue #2 (130 pgs) Fiction by xBryn Lantry, Sebastian, London Bates, Marie Celeste, Julie Dramer, Julie Bozza, Janet Kragg and more.

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Issue #3 (170 pgs) Fiction by Sebastian, Janet Kragg, xBryn Lantry, Leah Rosenthal & Annie Wortham, London Bates and more.

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Issue #4 (144 pgs) Fiction by Joanne Keating, Susan Clarke, Ellis Ward, London Bates, xBryn Lantry, Greg Dales, Linda Cox Chan and more.

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Issue #5 (134 pgs) Fiction by Ellis Ward, The Rat Cellar, Judith Ellison, xBryn Langry, Falcon dArenberg, Adrian Butcher, Margaret Pitcher, Severely Weird, London Bates and more.

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#6 - 128 pp. Stories & poetry by Quale, Margaret Pitcher, London Bates, Annie Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, Linda Cox Chan, xBryn Lantry & Judith Ellison. Art by Lana Brown, Linda Cox Chan, Denise Loague & Andrew Williams.

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#7 - 90 pp. This issue contains a single novella by Moira Dalhberg called 'Old Friends' and is beautifully illustrated by Yvonne Hintz.

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#8 - 100 pp. Stories and poetry by xBryn Lantry, Sean Charles, Natasha Barry, Judith Ellison, Maree Celeste, Margaret Pitcher, minds-i-view, Kris & Ty Downs, & Gail Neville. Art by minds-i-view, Lana Brown, Theresa Buffaloe, and Adrian Morgan. Buy Me

#9 - 118pp. This issue contains 2 large stories by Fran Ward & Susan R Matthews (a reprint), plus new series by xBryn Lantry. Evocative poetry by xBryn Lantry & Judith Ellison. Cover - minds-i-view.

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