And here's the info for Network Encounters. This was a one-author zine, containing stories by Candra Danesen. It was a companion zine to Network, which was a gen-zine emphasizing Blake-Avon hurt/comfort.


Date: May 1993


"Admission" (B/A)
"The Bonding Ceremony" (B/A)
"Encounter" (A/C)
"Fantasy" (B/A)
"Fit to Be Tied" (B/A)
"Probes" (A/B)
"Reunion -- Alternatives" (A/B)
"Sight to the Blind" (A/B) (alternative ending to "None So
Blind" by Jennifer Hurley, Avon Calling)
"Surprise" (B/A)
"Unexpected Visitor" (B/A)
"Why" (B/A)

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