The angsty lyrics of Sarah McLachlan fit the B7 universe very well indeed, although I personally always tend to think of them in connection with Pat's Fargone universe, since that's where I was first introduced to them. In =Lingering on the Fringes=, the songs are applied to various fandoms, leading to some stories that are a bit darker than the author's usual output. "The Moving of the River" is an A/B story that deals with the problem of Blake's past, and the nightmarish memories that the Federation implanted in him to help make the false charges stick. Avon's rational approach to the matter helps Blake to cope. In general I liked the story, but I did feel that Avon's dialogue sometimes sounded a little too stilted and Spock-like, a minor problem that I've noticed in several K/S-turned-A/B writers (and a few artists, too). Now, if only they would switch over exclusively to B7, I'm sure the problem would solve itself quickly. ;)


LINGERING ON THE FRINGES #2 (assorted stories by Dovya Blacque, inspired by Sarah McLachlan songs; slash)
Editor: Dovya Blacque
Publisher: MKASHEF Enterprises
Date: May 2000
Format: letter size, 178 pp., dark green card covers, black comb binding

B7 fiction:
Dovya Blacque, "The Moving of the River" (S2; A/B, past B/ocm)

Other fandoms: MV, DS, ST, Law & Order, AW, Stargate SG-1, Sentinel

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