Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Cynthia and Judith, =Intriguing Ideas= does indeed exist, and here's the data on it.

It's a hard zine to find, though; I was looking for it for a couple of years before it finally turned up. I don't know why it should be so scarce; it's a good zine, but not so good that people would be likely to hoard it above all others. Must have been a very small print run.


INTRIGUING IDEAS (slash, mostly A/V)
Editor: Meegat
Publisher: Aristo Press
Date: August 1989 Format: letter size, [3] + 99 text pp. + [8] pp. zine ads, pale gray card covers, black comb binding

Trisha Johnson, "Three's Company" (S1?; A/B/V)
Jane Carnall, "Silence" (S2, post-Horizon; A/V)
Anais, "Hell with the Fires Out" (S3-S1; A/J/Tr/Ta)
Amy Williams, "Turnabout" (S1; A/V)
M. S., "Mr. Rick's" (S4; A/V)
Donna LaRue, "Solution" (S4, Warlord; A/V)
Amy Williams, "Domination" (S1, post-Countdown; A/B)
Tenaya, "Double Duel" (S1-2; A/B/V)
Donna LaRue, "Need" (S2; A/V)
Giovanna Caliente, "The Fivols Experiment" (S2; A/J, C/G/V, B/Tr, Se/ocm)
Anais, "Payback" (S4, post-Orbit; A/V)
Janice Madison, "Trash Slash" (S1; A/V; humor)
Maren, "Seek and Find, Ask..." (S2; A/V)
Jane Carnall, "Sometimes There's No Romance" (S1; A/V)
Anais, "Friend-Service" (S2, pre-Pressure Point; Se/V, G/V)
Chris Kessler, "Priorities" (sequel to "The Watcher" in SOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75; S5; A/V)
Nikki Parsons, "Arrival" (The Memories Series 1; S5; A/V)
Nikki Parsons, "Memories" (The Memories Series 2; S5; A/V)
Nikki Parsons, "Ghosts" (The Memories Series 3; S5; A/V)
Nikki Parsons, "Peace" (The Memories Series 4; S5; A/V)

Interview with Tenaya
Interview with Jane Carnall

M. S., "Why Women Write Slash" (A/V)
Anais, "Based on 'My Shadow'" (A/V)
M. S., "Detection" (A/V)
Donna LaRue, "Vila" (f, Vincent; A/V)
Anais, "Based on 'Invictus'" (A/B)
Janice Madison, "Reflections" (A/V)
Anais, "After Late Watch on the Liberator" (A/B)
Donna LaRue, "Aftershock" (A/V)
Giovanna Caliente, "A Parting Word" (?/?)
Tenaya, "A Thief's Gentle Thoughts" (A/V)
Anais, "Avon's Gadget Works" (A/B)

Chris Kessler cover A, V
p. 88 V

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