Different Destinies


Editor: Brendan O'Cullane
Publisher: Xenon Press
Date: 1989


M. Fae Glasgow, "There is None So Blind" (A/V)
Barbara Adams and Dani Lane, "The Ice Cream Letters" (A/Se)
Ty Downs, "Habits" (A/V)
Lou Rydd, "The Fruit of Knowledge" (A/C)
Robin Goodfellow, "Between Madness and Desire" (A/B)
Catocala, "Crossing the Grade" (A/V)
The PTL Club, "Moorbound, or, Withering Towers" (B/V)
Lou Rydd, "Descent Into Hell" (A/Se)
Melissa Mastoris, "Nothing to Say" (A/C)
Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane, "Human After All" (A/B)
Kody A. Young, "Screaming in the Night" (A/B/V)
Ann Wortham and Leah Rosenthal, "Too Cute to Live" (A/V)
R. W. Grendel, "Spare Parts" (A/C)
Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane, "Outside/In" (A/V)


Judith Ellison, "Frustration" (A/B)
Ty Downs, "Torn Between Two Men" (A/B/V)
Judith Ellison, "Denying" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Evaporation" (C/J)
Ty Downs, "Walls of Defense" (A/B)
????, limericks
Judith Ellison, "Gifts Rare" (A/B)
Ty Downs, "How Did It Happen?" (A/V)
Melissa Mastoris, "Reflections" (A/B)
Robin Hood, "Starfarer" (A/B)
Robin Hood, "We Cried" (A/B)
Robin Hood, "Empty Hearth" (A/B)


Adrian Morgan front cover A/B
back cover A/V
facing p. 10 A/V
facing p. 100 illo for "Moorbound"
p. 204 kitten on man's chest
Scorpio facing p. 6 V
facing p. 88 A
facing p. 128 V
Annita Smith facing p. 16 V
facing p. 40 V
facing p. 86 A
Denise Loague facing p. 20 G
facing p. 122 A, Ta
facing p. 134 A-V
facing p. 162 B-J
Randym p. 22 cartoon, Slave
facing p. 94 A/V
p. 108 cartoon, Dorian
p. 113 cartoon, "Animals"
p. 116 cartoon, "Sarcophagus"
Dani Lane facing p. 26 illo for "Ice Cream
facing p. 32 illo for "Ice Cream
facing p. 36 illo for "Ice Cream
Mary facing p. 42 A, V
Tanje facing p. 46 A
facing p. 106 A/Se
p. 158 A
L. C. facing p. 104 Bizarro A/B
facing p. 136 cartoon illo for "Too Cute"
Saki facing p. 114 A/B
facing p. 118 A/B
facing p. 166 A/B
p. 168 A/B

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