Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: April 1991


Victoria Towers, "On the Town" (A/J)
Daley Kelly, "Victim of Love" (A/V)
Kody A. Young, "No Promises, No Regrets" (A/B)
Chris Kessler, "The Warden's Pet" (A/V)
Randym, "Commitment" (A/Ta)
Mistral, "Morning After" (A/B/C)
Carnella & Comatose, "Tarrant the Terrific" (O/Ta)
Phillipa Scott, "Castle in the Air" (B/J, A/Anna, A/B)
P. T. Russell, "Tangled Webs" (B/J)
Henrietta Street, "9/10ths of the Law" (C/V)
Daley Kelly, "Friendly Persuasion" (A/V)
Paula, "Nightmusic" (A/Ta)
Matilda Willard, "Fantasies" (A/V)
Meg Garrett, "Spaceship Sherbert Blues"
Ty Downs, "Situations" (B/V)
Shoshanna, "Stranger Things" (A/J)
Daley Kelly, "On Credit" (A/V)
Cathy Conrad, "Mind Games" (C/Carnell)
M. J. Dolan, "Command Performance" (C/J)
Jane Carnall, "You're Kidding, Right?" (V)
Sara Avery & Sylvia Dennison, "Double Jeopardy" (A/V)
Victoria Towers, "The Quality of Mercy" (So/V)
Rose St. Clair, "Gratuitous Eroticism" (A/B)
Rose St. Clair, "Gratuitous Revenge" (A/B)
Anna Lee, "Aftermath Too" (A/Se)
xBryn Lantry, "The Howling" (A/B)
Deirdre Hughes, "The Road" (So/V)
Brendan O'Cullane and Adrian Morgan, "Dearest Enemy" (A/Se)
Aurora Borealis, "A Room with a View" (A/C)
Mistral, "Worth the Cost at Any Price" (A/B)
Sonia, "Up in (Blue) Smoke" (A/B/C, J/V, O/Z)
Northwest Smith, "Continue to Continue" (A/B)
Dorian Gale, "Bondsmate" (A/Ta)


Letters of Comment


Linda Terrell, "Severely Weird and Really Bad Vogon Haiku"
Judith Ellison, "Adrift" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Promise Kept" (A/Anna)
London Bates, "Dichotomy Unbound" (A/B)
Melissa Mastoris, "Discovery" (D/So)
Judith Ellison, "Unspoken" (A/B)
xBryn's Teddy Bear, "Libellous Liberator Limericks"
Melissa Mastoris, "A Delta's Love" (A/V)
Judith Ellison, "Discovery" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Second Chance Loving" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Switch" (J/V)
Judith Ellison, "Perpetual Enchantment" (C/J)
Melissa Mastoris, "Hard to Get" (C/V)


Leah Rosenthal cover Hellhound V & T
p. 1 A/V/K (Last Stand universe)
p. 7 A, J
p. 40 Orac cartoon
p. 155 Hellhound cartoon; A, V
p. 159 B/V
p. 160 same as cover
p. 163 A/C (illo for "Room with a
p. 174 J/V
p. 183 A, B, V in snow
p. 226 Last Stand cartoon
Ibach p. 11 A/V cartoon
p. 95 V cartoon
Randym p. 26 Ta
p. 56 Ca/Thaarn
p. 70 Ta
p. 200 cartoon, "Volcano"
p. 237 Ta
p. 253 cartoon, Aurons
p. 257 cartoon, "Gold"
Adele Pates p. 36 illo for "Tarrant the Terrific"
Bundon Lates p. 39 illo for "Tarrant the Terrific"
Howarth & Daniels p. 73 Last Stand cartoon
London Boots p. 77 A/V
Rondeau p. 80 beach cartoon
p. 158 A-V undies cartoon
Gayle Feyrer p. 112 A (face)
Laura Virgil p. 152 A-Se
Linden Boats p. 157 Hellhound A/B
Sara S. p. 161 nude V
CeleBates p. 178 A/B on beach

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