CarolMel AmbassadorVisitorMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #6S4; B/J US, 1988.2
CarolMel AmbassadorMeans of PersuasionTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #1S2; B/J US, 1988.4
CarolMel AmbassadorIf At First You Don't SucceedSTANDARD BY SEVERAL #2Complications series; S1; B/J US, 1988.10
CarolMel AmbassadorDiscussionSOUTHERN SEVEN #9S1?; B/J US, 1994.5
Joelle AugustineA Matter of ChoiceSOUTHERN SEVEN #10S1; B/J US, 1995.5
Nakwisi AwahillToo Late the TellingPERIHELION #2S4; uc B/J mm, but mostly B7; US, 1989
Sue Wells and Dee BeetemFirst DibsPOWER #2S1; B/J, G/J, A/C, C/V US, 1990
Ruth BermanJenna's FortuneRAISING HELL #3S1-S5; J, B/J US, 1990.5
Lorna BreshearsProlific PropensitiesREBEL DESTINIES #1S4; D/Ta, V/Kerril, A/Anna, So/V, B/J; humor US, 1994.1
Rebecca Ann BrothersA Womb of One's OwnSOUTHERN SEVEN #8S2; B/J US, 1994.5
Sue BursztynskiSaturday Night...?CEPHLON ONES1; B/J, A/C, V; humor; inspired by a ST fan story, "What's the Use?" by Irina Malova, in Grope AU, 1984.7
Fliss DaviesMidnight BlueHORIZON #12S1, post-Breakdown; uc B/J UK, 1988.10
Jeanne DeVoreLove & WarPOWERPLAY #4S1; B/J US, 1989.1
Carole S. Fairman from an idea by Pat Thomas"Time That Has Passed" alt-post-Star One; B/J
Sherri FillinghamThe Once and Future PilotSOUTHERN SEVEN #9Test of Friends universe; S3; uc B/J, uc J/Ta US, 1994.5
Lillian FilsPrioritiesVOICES FROM THE PRESENT #1S2; C/V, B/J US, 1988.9
Kathleen GlancyThe Real ReasonSTANDARD BY SEVEN #7script; alt-S3, alt- Aftermath; B/J, A/C; humor UK, 1980?
Judy GoreDuet for Two Cynics, or Even Cosmic Cowgirls Get the BluesSTANDARD BY SEVERAL #4S1?; B/J, A-J US, 1993.3
Jill GrundfestHome and AwayMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #6S1?; A-hc; B/J US, 1988.2
Jill GrundfestPastoral Scene, Without UnicornRETURN OF THE SEVEN #3S2?; B/J US, 1989.3
Sandy HallA Likely StoryFIFTH SEASON #5S1; B/J; humor US, 1988.8
Narrelle M. HarrisReunions-- Part OnePHOENIX #3Phoenix series; B/J AU, 1985?
Peggy HartsookDisillusionmentTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #2S2, post-Voice; uc B/J US, 1989.1
Cindy HenryDust in the WindPOWERPLAY #3S4; B/J US, 1988.7
Kathy HintzeErrors, Deletions and AvonPROBABILITY SQUARES2; B/J US, 1989
Jeff MorrisThe Long RunFIFTH SEASON #5S5; V/Kerril, B/J US, 1988.8
Janet PderewskiSolaceSHADOW IMAGININGS #2S2, post-Pressure Point; B/J US, 1989
Felis SylvestrisDreams from the Past Come TrueCENTERO #17S5; B/J nl; AU, 1985.7
Tamara VerbandeReconciliationDESTINY #1S1; C-J, A/C, B/J US, 1991.9
Janet WalkerKeezarnSOUTHERN SEVEN #1S3; B/J US, 1986.11

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