Editor: Leigh Arnold
Publisher: Pony Press (Van Nuys, CA)
Date: February 1988

Mary Alice Wuerz, "Backlash" (S5; In the Balance series; part 5 of ?)
Leigh Arnold, "Spring Break" (S4; humor)
Mary Robertson, "Millions of Ships" ("with apologies to Wanda Gag;" parody; humor)
Ellen Walters, "Another Chance" (S3; post-Rumours; Se)
L. S. Willard, "To What Lengths" (S5; sequel to "Reparation" in Magnificent Seven 4)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Truth of the Matter" (S2; Trial; A)
Leigh Arnold, "Asteroid One" (S2; Star One; Flake's Seven universe; humor)
Jill Grundfest, "Home and Away" (S1?; A-hc; B/J)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Visitor" (S4; B/J)
Mary Robertson, "Things in the Storage Cupboard" (S1?; DW crossover; humor)
Cindy Henry, "Gehenna" (S3; A)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Ditto" (S3; Se)
Leigh Arnold, "Engineer" (S5; A-B)
Genn Eccles, "Angel of Death" (S5; A/Se)

Tei Ruki, "Girlfriend in the Cellar" (f, Girlfriend in a Coma, by The Smiths)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Servalan's Song" (f, I've Got a Little List, from The Mikado)
Tei Ruki, "Ship of Frustration" (f, Land of Confusion, by Genesis)
Tei Ruki, "Big Gun Strikes Again" (f, Big Mouth Strikes Again, by the Smiths)
Tei Ruki, "Psychos in Black Leather" (f, Nights in White Satin, by the Moody Blues)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Sand" (f, And She Was, by the Talking Heads)
Tei Ruki, "Man in Black Leather and Studs" (f, Man in a Uniform, by Gang of Four)

Non Fiction:
Leigh Arnold, Editorial
Leigh Arnold, "Introduction to Flake's Seven"
Leigh Arnold & Sue Glasgow, photo captions, pp. 51, 149, 192 (humor)
"Hand Wash Clinic" ad (humor)
"All Points Bulletin, Courtesy California Highway Patrol"
Want ads (humor)
"Blake's Seven Related Fan Clubs" (humor)

Holly Hutchison cover Se
p. 187 Se
Shann p. 53 Se
p. 196 B
p. 237 A/Se
Lynn A. Witten p. 58 A, B; illo for "Lengths"
p. 66 A, J; illo for "Lengths"
p. 78 A, B; illo for "Lengths"
p. 93 Ta
p. 111 A, V; illo for "Lengths"
Leigh Arnold p. 122 cartoon illo for "Asteroid"
p. 125 cartoon illo for "Asteroid"
p. 128 cartoon illo for "Asteroid"
Lenore Dunlop p. 148 illo for "Sand"
Ellen Walters p. 151 Se
Mary Gerstner p. 154 J, A, C
Suzie Molnar p. 190 Se
Vicki Brinkmeier p. 234 A-Se

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