Editor/publisher: Moira Dahlberg
Date: July 1984
Format: 56 pp.

Yvonne S. Hintz, "Vila's Gamble" (S3; V)
Sue Bursztynski, "Saturday Night...?" (S1; B/J, A/C, V; inspired by a ST fan story, "What's the Use?" by Irina Malova)
Cathy Goodwin and Moira Dahlberg, "The Legacy" (alt-S4; A-B)
Felicity Millerd, "In a Danish Churchyard" (script; Hamlet crossover; S3 or S4; A-V)
Sheila Tracy and Moira Dahlberg, "Post-Blake Serial"

(Sheila, Let No Man Write My Epitaph; Moira, Interlude in a Position of Power; Sheila, The First Small Breath of Coming Storm; Moira, Enter Rescar; Sheila, Darkness Falls; Moira, Alliances: Uneasy Lies the Head [or Whatever]; S5; A-Se) Yvonne S. Hintz, "The Original Rebels" (S0-S1; Liberator; originally written for a New Horizons club competition)

Greg Dales, "The Baldavis Encounter" (S1; V-ocf)
Sheila Tracy, "In the Beginning..." (S0-S1; Liberator; multiple crossover incl. Monkey, DW, SW, HHGG, BR, ST; originally written for a New Horizons club competition)

Moira Dahlberg, "Welcome to Cephlon One" (editorial)

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