Editors: Brendan O'Cullane and Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press (Altamonte Springs, Florida)
Date: September 1991

Sheila Paulson, "The Final Gift" (S4; Blake)
Jeanne DeVore, "Acceptance" (S1; post-SLD; B-C)
Jean Lorrah, "Homecoming" (S5; AU sequel to "Mutoid" by Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane)
Linda A. Furey, "Booked" (S1?; humor)
Cindy Rancourt, "And In Conclusion" (S5; Se)
J. A. Munson, "The Master of Illusion" (S5)
Paulie Kay, "Trang" (S3; A-V; also in Gambit #8)
Tamara Verbande, "Reconciliation" (S1; C-J, A/C, B/J)
K. Ann Yost, "Collusions" (S1)
Catherine Kendall, "The Survivor" (S5; Ta)
Sandy Lyons, "Bloodstar" (S0; J)
Michelle Moyer, "Shields and Armor" (S1; A-C)
Jean B. Hubb, "The Examined Life" (S1; A-B)
Angela Reese, "Deja Vu" (S2; A-V; real world crossover)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Comes Now the Power" (alt-S2; post-Countdown; C)
Diane Eschelbarger, "Paying Debts" (S1; V/ocf)

Brendan O'Cullane, "Editorial"
Ann Wortham, "Publishertorial"
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Sharon Murphy, "Regrets"
Joelizaiah-lequio Johnson, "We Seven, We One"
Michael J. Macomber, "Those Lips, Those Eyes"
Paulie Kay, "One Special Night"
Sharon Murphy, "Turned to Sand"
Mary C. Dumont, "Gauda Prime"
Micheal J. Macomber, "The Watcher: For Vila"
Sharon Murphy, "Apocalypse"
Paulie Kay, "The Pause"
Michael J. Macomber, "Sinking"

? cover A
Leah Rosenthal p. 1 Bizarro cartoon
p. 4 Bizarro cartoon
Denise Loague p. 7 GP B
p. 61 A

p. 102 B-J
p. 129 A
p. 132 B
Judith Boguslawski p. 9 illo for "Acceptance"
p. 15 illo for "Acceptance"
p. 22 illo for "Acceptance"
Laura Virgil p. 33 V
Melody Rondeau p. 36 cartoon
p. 92 Se cartoon
p. 141 Se cartoon
Tanje p. 38a B
p. 80 A
p. 86 A-V
p. 96 A, A TACS p. 75 Se
Adrian Morgan p. 76 candy box; illo for "Master"
p. 90 C, J
p. 136 J cartoon
p. 163 A
p. 188 A-Se cartoon
Kathryn Andersen p. 103b A
Nola Frame-Gray p. 110 cartoon
Tami Verbande p. 114 J
David Lawrence p. 121 C
p. 144 A
p. 154 B
Randym p. 138 A-V
Dani p. 140 A-B on GP
Kate Knepper p. 156 A

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