Editor: [Jackie Ophir?]
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: October 1988

Sarah Berry, "Fingers in My Mind" (S3-4; C; uc A/C)
Judith Seaman, "Faileth Now Even Dream" (S4; post-Orbit; V)
Fliss Davies, "Midnight Blue" (S1; post-Breakdown; uc B/J)
Judith M. Seaman, "Fruits of the Moon Tree" (alt-S2; uc A/J, uc A/V, uc A/C)
Wendy Ingle, "Dimples and Hairpiece" (S2?; Dempsey and Makepeace crossover; humor)
Sue Christian, "Orbit-- An Alternative Ending" (S4; alt- Orbit; A-V)
Kathryn Cutmore, "Acceptance" (S0; A)
Sue Christian, "I'm Bored!" (S4; So-V)

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Information on Charity Appeal

Tim Pieraccini front c. C, A, J, B
p. 7 C
p. 23 V, A; illo for "Faileth"
p. 82 J
p. 101 illo for "Dimples"
Fliss Davies p. 3 C; illo for "Fingers"
p. 16 C
p. 48 B
p. 63 A
p. 104 V
back c. J-B; illo for "Midnight"
Kevin Davies p. 30 J; illo for "Midnight"
Rory Hull p. 96 hand with Liberator gun
p. 112 hand with gun

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