Phoenix 1 was published on a gestetner press in 1983 - I don't recall the month. It was reprinted in photocopied format in 1984 at about the same time as Phoenix 2 came out (June 1984). Phoenix 3 was published the following year.

The zine is no longer in print, but I am always happy for friends to photocopy it for others to read, as long as no-one is actually doing it en-masse and for profit.

I don't know if you need this for your lists, but I also did a B7 filktape, which I am considering re-releasing if I get enough interest. That was also when I lived in Canberra, in collusion with a fringe fan, Fiona Undy, and is much more rock/pop than the usual folk-influenced filk. The tape was called 'Voices from the Past", and we called ourselves "Gambit".

If anyone wants to contact me about these things, my e-mail address is and my snail mail address is : PO Box 896 Fremantle, WA, 6160 AUstralia

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