Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

These are very good zines. I borrowed a friend's copies, but now I'll be keeping an eye out for them at used zine sales. I especially like the stories by Patricia Russo-- well-written and gritty. Did she ever continue her fifth series? I fear not, but I really like it; her Avon is very hard-edged.

Note the gen story by Melody Clark, a view of events on GP from an outsider.

All the stories by Lillian Fils are kind of suggestive. Both "Cause and Effects" in #1 and "Birthday Present" in #2 seem to hint at A/B-- unless I'm just imagining what I want to see. Has anyone else read these, and if so, what did you think? In "Priorities," everyone pairs off =except= Avon. I'd like to think that he's off for a little fun with Orac, his true love :).

And I found another Vila/Servalan story, only the fourth I know of. But in this one, she is his ex-wife!!

No bad stories, plenty of good ones. Recommended, if you can find the zines; as far as I know they're OOP.


Editor/publisher: Patricia Russo (North Bergen, NJ)
Date: September 1988
Format: letter size, [2] + 67 text pp. + [3] pp. zine ads, pale gray card front cover, blue back cover, side staples

Patricia Russo, "Delivery" (S1)
Johanna Leestrom, "One Aftermath" (S2-3, Star One-Aftermath; B)
Meg Garrett and Doris Robin, "Revisionist Heaven, or Everything You Know Is Wrong" (S5; humor)
Lillian Fils, "Cause and Effects" (S2; possible future A/B; humor)
Melody Clark, "Beware the Faceless Ones" (S4-5; ocm)
Lillian Fils, "Priorities" (S2; C/V, B/J)
Patricia Russo, "Recalled to Life" (S5; A-hc, A-ocm)

John Grey, "Reunion"
Johanna Leestrom, "Founding the Freedom Party"
Tyndara Meffe, "Vila Restal's Best Laid Plans"

Patricia Russo "Voicings" (editorial)

Theresa Buffaloe cover V
p. 29 "Founder of the Freedom
Party" (B)
p. 34 S2 A
p. 36 A-B on GP
Denise Loague p. 2 B
p. 12 G
p. 43 Se
Jo Ann Christy p. 19 trooper; illo for "Revisionist"
p. 22 A; illo for "Revisionist"
p. 25 A/Klyn, illo for "Revisionist"
p. 27 O, beer, snacks; illo for "Revisionist"


Editor/publisher: Patricia Russo (North Bergen, NJ)
Date: June 1989
Format: letter size, [2] + 94 text pp. + [5] pp. zine ads, off-white card covers, side staples

Johanna Leestrom, "Meditation: Debts" (S4, pre-Blake)
Lillian Fils, "Birthday Present" (S1?; A-B)
Johanna Leestrom, "Nothing" (S4; A)
Patricia Russo, "Bequest" (S4, Rescue; C)
Robert Collins, "Dirty Tricks" (S5; A-ocm)
E. A. Daniello & Patricia Russo, "Perfect Nemesis" (S2, post-Gambit; A-V discuss B-Tr)
Rhiannon Wallace, "From the Other Side" (S0; Tr's wife)
Ana Sokol, "PGP Puppeteer Project Alpha-Alpha-Oblique- One" (S5; B)
E. A. Daniello, "Close Encounter" (S1; past V/Se)
Patricia Russo, "Recalled to Life: Collaborators" (sequel to "Recalled to Life" in #1; S5; A-ocm, A-V)
Johanna Leestrom, "Dux Bellorum" (S5)

?, "An Exercise in Epitaphography" (rhyming epitaphs for Ta, So, C, V, D; "committed after reading Churchyard Literature by John R. Kippax")
Rhiannon Wallace, "Servalan Standing" (f, Solitude Standing, by Suzanne Vega)
The Anonymous Filker, "Weird, Weird Life" (f, Wild, Wild Life, by the Talking Heads)
Linda Bornstein, "Poems" (four haiku)

Photo captions (humor)
"Certificate of Upgrade to Complete Asshole" (awarded to A by V; humor)
"Great Religious Leaders of the Future" (button slogans)
"B7: The Lost Episodes" (humor)
"Trivial Mayhem" (quiz)
Clippings: reviews of "Milk and Honey" (film with Josette Simon)
E. A. Daniello and Patricia Russo, based on an idea by Rhiannon Wallace, "The B7 Drinking Game"

Margarita Aguikar cover S4 A
Denise Loague p. 2 "Rebel Spacelines" cartoon
p. 4 A; illo for "Birthday"
p. 8 B; illo for "Birthday"
p. 10 Ta-V
p. 15 C
p. 42 DW crossover cartoon

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