Genn Eccles [= Leigh Arnold]Angel of DeathMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #6S5; A/Se US, 1988.2
Dee BeetemVoice from the FutureSTANDARD BY SEVERAL #1S5; B/Avalon, V/Kerril, Ta/?f, A/Se, G/Veron Kasabi; humor US, 1987.7
Sarah BerryPragmatic HeroesHORIZON NEWSLETTER #10competition entry; S5 or AU; A/Se; humor nl; UK, 1983
Moira DahlbergThe Long PastGAMBIT #2S3; past A/Se AU, 1982.3
Alex DelicadoConfessionsSLAVE #6S5; uc A/Se UK, 1983.5
Rebecca DonahueCrisis of ConscienceREBEL DESTINIES #1alt S4-5; Ta/Zeeona, So/V, D/ocm, A/C, A/Meegat, A/Se US, 1994.1
Jean GrahamAllegianceAVON THE TERRIBLES1?; A/Se US, 1990
Adversaries (embedded storyAllegiancePita Enriquez Harris, "Between Life and Death" S0; B); The Train; In the Lattice of Memories Which Interweave [or: Intertwine] (embedded story; S5?; A, dream A/C); The Houseguest; In the Lattice of Realities Which Interweave (embedded story; alt-S5-S0; A/Se); The Scriptwriter; Dreams of a Legend (embedded story; alt-S3; B; same universe as "I'm Not Blake" in STAR THREE and "Griffin, Blake" in WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TO YOU?); The Convention; On a Lonely World Isolated by Indifference (embedded story; S5-S0; A); The Librarian; The Letter), THE AQUITAR FILES (paper version of web zine; UK, 1996.11)
Edwina HarveyTravestyMEDTREK 84 FANZINES5; A/Se, A-V mm; AU, 1984
Nancy Lynn HayesDeath-ShadowDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #1S5, alt-S4; A-hc, A/Se, A/C US, 1989
Bernadette HuntAll's Fair...SPACEFALL #10S3, A/Se UK, 1979
J. KelA Very Ordinary NeedINPUT #2The Pattern of Infinity: Episode 1; S5; A/Se CN, 1989.3
Carol McCoyLest There Be DragonsZEN & THE ART OF REBELLION #2S5; A-Ta, A/Se, Se/Ta US, 1992
Jane MailanderThe DateREBEL DESTINIES #1S4; A/Se US, 1994.1
Gillian MarsdenThe DateSTANDARD BY SEVEN SPECIAL #1: Deadly Night Shades S4; Ta/ocf, A-So, A-ocf, uc A/Se; UK, 1982); reprinted in MILLENIUM SPECIAL (UK, 1999)
Gill MarsdenWhen You Look into the AbyssHORIZON #17alt-S4; A/Se UK, 1992.11
Ana MorganAfter OlympusCHRONICLES #64S5; A/Se, Meegat, V AU, 1999.8
Dree NagelPropositionSPACE ODDITYS5; sequel to "Satisfaction Guaranteed;" uc A/Se US, 1987.10
Ann NevilleResurrectionCHRONICLES #42/43S5; A/Se AU, 1990.1
NovannaKiss of DeathKISS OF DEATHS0, alt-S4; A/Anna, A/Se UK, 1981?
Pat Nussman & Jacqueline TaeroFortune's FoolTHREADS THROUGH INFINITYS5; A/Se, Se/Ta US, 1991
Pat PateraFortune's FoolCHECKERS, a Tale of Treachery S5; A-B- J, A/Se; US, 1992)
Sheila PaulsonPuppetsB7 COMPLEX #5S3; A-Ta, A/Se mm but mostly B7; US, 1983.3
Sheila PaulsonRenascenceINTERFACE #9S5; V-Ta, B, A/Se UK, 1985.3
Gail PittawayWhat Be the Price of TrustFIFTH SEASON #1S5; A/Se US, 1982.7
Judith ProctorWhat Be the Price of TrustNOVA S5; A/Se, V/ocf; UK, 1994.8)
Cindy RancourtPost-MortemDR. BELLFRIAR'S MEMORIAL JOURNAL #2S5; Se/ocm, A/Se US, 1989
Jennie SawyerCustody BattleB7 COMPLEX #10The Not-Ready-for-Primetime Seven universe; S2; A/Se; humor US, 1987
Judith M. SeamanThe Last PlanetHORIZON #3S4; A-hc, uc A/Se UK, 1982
Judith M. SeamanNemesis (Part II)AVON NEWSLETTER #21Part II nl; UK, 1985.7
Karla TaylorReaching the WallREBEL DESTINIES #1S5; A/Se US, 1994.1
Sylvie WhiteNecromancia, Part ISHADOW ONEmedieval fantasy AU; A/D, A/Se UK, 1985.5
Sylvie WhiteNecromancia, Part IISHADOW TWOmedieval fantasy AU, S5; A/D, A/Se UK, 1986.4
Ros WilliamsPossible FuturesHORIZON #7part 1 of 2; S5; A/Se, A- C UK, 1985
Ros WilliamsFutures PassingHORIZON #18sequel to "Possible Futures" in #s 7-8; S5; A/Se UK, 1994.10

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