Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

This is one of the oldies that I found at the Orphan Zine table at Deliverance. I was hoping it might perhaps be adult, but no, although there's plenty of gen romance, and the editors do mention in their editorial that they'd like to do an adult zine similar to =Alternative Seven=. Dunno whether they ever did-- if so, they must have been using other names by then.

The stories are, IMO, so-so, but they do have some promising bits. I suspect that the authors, whoever they are, were very young at the time; and for all I know, they may well be excellent writers by now. My favorite thing about the zine is its cover: a very nice ink drawing of half of Avon's face matched to half of a skull.


Editors/publishers: Novanna (Southend-on-Sea, Essex) and Jifby (London)
Date: [1981? "All contents of this fanzine were written before the end of the fourth series."]
Format: A4, [2] + 53 text pp. + [2] pp. illos; paper covers, side staples

Novanna, "Kiss of Death" (S0, alt-S4; A/Anna, A/Se)
Jifby, "Illusions" (S2; A/C, A's brother Terrick & his wife Jifby)
Jifby, "Dress Designs" (S2?; A's daughter Novanna)
Jifby and Novanna, "Strong Intentions" (alt-S3; uc A/C; "written by Jifby... mucked up or improved by Novanna, depending on how you look at it.")

Novanna and Jifby, untitled editorial

Novanna, "I Am Not an Auron for Nothing" (uc A/C)
Jifby, "Little Man" (V/Kerril)
Novanna, "Understanding Is..." (uc A/C)

Jifby cover A and skull, title on scroll
Novanna p. 19b Se

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