Input - Edited Rebecca Reeves

Mini Review by Sarah Thompson

This zine has even more of an international flavor than most B7 zines, as indicated by the contributor bios in the back of each issue, which are marked with appropriate flags-- 4 to 5 per issue!

I especially like the stories in script form by Rebecca Reeves, and the newscasts in #3; the dry, deadpan humor of the stories by Ros Williams; the graphic story by Tim Pieraccini in #4; and "Circle of Life," also in #4. "Contagion" is another of Lorna's very grim stories. "Nothing Ever Goes as Planned" could have been in =Roads Not Taken=, as it's an alternate Terminal. Hmm, I guess #4 is my favorite issue!

For Gan fans, the Sheila Paulson PGP story in #4 is strongly recommended, as is the story by David Hume in #1. And for Tarrant fans, there's wonderful angst in "Guardian Angel" (again, in #4). In fact, one of the special points of the zine is that it has a good balance in terms of the characters represented.

Also noteworthy are the interviews with the actors.

The long series by J. Kel continues in =Dark Between the Stars=. I have mixed feelings about this one; I kind of like it (and some of my friends are enthusiastic about it), but I wish it had been more heavily edited. I'd love to sic Judith on it! It also strikes me as being sufficiently far removed from the aired canon that it might not be all that difficult to "file off the serial numbers" and market it as a pro SF novel; I wonder whether the author has ever considered that?

Does anyone know what the editor, Rebecca Reeves, is doing these days? In the editorial to #4, she says that she is quitting for a while to work on her own writing. Is she still in B7? In another fandom? Gone pro?

Review of issue 1 by CB

This zine was original produced in 1988, it has 130 pp, Stapled card cover.

Stories, poetry, a short play a la Samuel Beckett, limericks, selections from the Travis and the Mutoids Seceret (sic) songbook, two satisfyingly long interviews with Gareth Thomas and Sheelagh Wells respectively, and some ink drawings.

Overall the standard of writing is good, the stories imaginative and largely devoid of cliche. Some feature non-regular characters quite prominently. A long story by David E. Hume "Ring of Light and Secrets" features Gan and Vila, but principally Gan. An interesting story but the ending is perhaps a bit contrived. There is a good short Avon/Vila story "Trap" by Debra Bruce, and a well-maintained comic story "Oh Hell, it's Avon" by Rebecca Reeves. Other stories are by Ros Williams and Paul Delaney.

This edition of Input is not one of my absolute favourites but only because I prefer a more substantial hurt/comfort content; it is a thought-provoking and individual zine, well worth reading.

Contents of issue 1

Editor/publisher: Rebecca Reeves (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Date: February 1988

Rebecca Reeves, "To Surrender Dreams" (play; S5; A-B)
Teresa Ward & Elizabeth Mundell, "With a Friend Like You" (alt-S1?; B-Tr)
Ros Williams, "A Very Special Day" (S3; pre-Rumours)
Debra Bruce, "Trap" (S1; A-V, A-hc)
David E. Hume, "The Ring of Light and Secrets" (S1; V-G, uc G/ocf)
Debra Bruce, "Judgement" (S2; Star One; aliens)
Faye Bull, "Cabbages and Kings" (S2; Star One; ocs)
Paul Delaney, "Could It Be True?" (S5)
Rebecca Reeves, "Oh Hell... It's Avon" (S5; humor)

Rebecca Reeves, "Output: An Introduction by the Editor"
"Interview: Sheelagh Wells," conducted by Rebecca and Barbara Reeves
"Interview: Gareth Thomas," conducted by Rebecca and Barbara Reeves (on July 31, 1987, at Scorpio V)

Jennifer Jean Clark, "From 'Orbit:' Heart of Steel"
Vicki Harrison, Limericks
Vicki Harrison, "Selections from the 'Travis & the Mutoids Secret Songbook'" (f, Return to Sender;
Suspicion; Heartbreak Hotel; You Ain't Nothin' But
A Hound Dog; All Shook Up; Love Me Tender)) Teresa Ward, "Irreconcilable Differences"

Donna Paton cover A
p. 10 Tr
p. 78 B
p. 91 B
Rosemary Woodhouse p. 17 C
p. 38 V
p. 61 V
Barry Bowman p. 107 cartoon illo for "Oh Hell"
p. 113 cartoon illo for "Oh Hell"
p. 116 cartoon illo for "Oh Hell"
p. 124 cartoon illo for "Oh Hell"
Rebecca Reeves p. 31 Scorpio
p. 48 G
p. 84 B
p. 99 Liberator
p. 103 Se

Contents of issue 2

Editor/publisher: Rebecca Reeves (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Date: March 1989

Virginia Turpin, "Birds of a Feather" (S0; V)
Jeanne DeVore, "Companions" (S4; C)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Checkmate" (S2; B)
Ros Williams, "Waiting" (S4)
Rebecca Reeves, "There Was a Crooked Man..." (play; S3)
Elizabeth Everett, "Blind Faith" (alt-S3; J-ocf, A-hc)
Sheila Paulson, "Life-line" (S5; A-B)
Debra Bruce, "The Waking" (S3)
J. Kel, "A Very Ordinary Need" (The Pattern of Infinity: Episode 1; S5; A/Se)

Rebecca Reeves, "Output: An Introduction by the Editor"
"Interview: Stephen Greif," conducted by Teresa Ward
Fanzines & Clubs

H. Saavedra, "The First Lost"
H. Saavedra, "Insanity"
H. Saavedra, "Obsession of Grief"
H. Saavedra, "To Find a Place to Be"
Marie Logan, "Haiku: Warlord"
Marie Logan, "Haiku: Sand"

Kathryn Andersen cover Tr
p. 15 C
p. 20 Se
p. 31 V
p. 87 Da
p. 111 Se
p. 133 Se
p. 138 C
Virginia Turpin p. 5 V
p. 10 V
Rosemary Woodhouse p. 22 G
p. 39 A-V
p. 46 Tr
p. 48 V
p. 90 Ta
p. 94 V
p. 100 V
p. 104 V
Rebecca Reeves p. 26 B
p. 29 J
p. 70 A
p. 79 J
p. 130 Se
Annie Hamilton p. 42 "Reflections of Power"
Annie Hamilton p. 96 A in Warlord
p. 135 Se
Cynthia Case p. 103 C
p. 121 A

Contents of issue 3

Editor/publisher: Rebecca Reeves (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Date: December 1989

Rosemary Woodhouse, "Birthday Presents" (S0; V-B; same universe as stories in Children of the Federation)
Tim Pieraccini, "Paid in Blood" (S2)
Jean Graham, "An Oath of Fealty" (S1; post-Breakdown)
Gin Turpin, "Awakening" (S1-S0; B-ocf)
Ros Williams, "The Gift" (S2; humor)
David Hume, "The Bridge" (S2; post-Star One; B-J)
Kristy Merrill, "Interlude" (S3; post-Terminal; A-C)
Rebecca Reeves, "What If...?" (S5; speech from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, as spoken by Vila)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Schizoid Man" (S4-S0; A-V)
Rebecca Reeves, "And Now the News" (S0-S5; Federation newscasts)
J. Kel, "Rain of Judgment" (The Pattern of Infinity: Episode 2; S5)

Rebecca Reeves, "Output: An Introduction by the Editor"
"Interview: Brian Croucher," conducted by Teresa Ward
Clubs & Fanzines

C. T. Cap, "Revelation"
Kathryn Andersen, "On His Madness"
C. T. Cap, "Anna"
C. T. Cap, "Requiem: A Sonnet"

Kathryn Andersen cover A
p. 54 Brian Croucher
p. 58 Tr-Kasabi
Rosemary Woodhouse p. 5 V as child
p. 46 V
p. 65 V
p. 77 Tr
Dale S. Sproule p. 10 flower
p. 78 Ta
p. 98 J
p. 114 Se
Gin Turpin p. 14 B
p. 69 V
p. 74 A
p. 125 C
Tim Pieracini p. 25 A
p. 83 A
Laetitia Edwards p. 30 Tr
Annie Hamilton p. 34 A
p. 39 A
p. 87 B on GP
p. 139 A
Teresa Ward p. 61 Brian Croucher
Rebecca Reeves p. 97 Liberator cartoon
p. 105 Se
p. 128 A
Jeff McCoy p. 110 A
Donna Paton p. 119 A

Contents of issue 4

Editor/publisher: Rebecca Reeves (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Date: November 1990

Gin Turpin, "In the Beginning" (S0; A)
Ros Williams, "Deliverance? Well, Not Quite" (S2; humor)
Teresa Ward and Cami, "Explanations" (S2; post- Trial; Tr)
Lorna Breshears, "Contagion" (alt-S2; post-Killer; A-Se)
Lorna Breshears, "Circle of Life" (S3; Powerplay; C-V)
Alicia Ann Fox & Pamela London, "Nothing Ever Goes As Planned" (S3; alt-Terminal)
Tim Pieraccini, "Masquerade" (graphic story; S4; Ta)
Sheila Paulson, "A Case of Deja Vu" (S5; G)
Cami & Teresa Ward, "Guardian Angel" (S4-S5; Ta-Deeta)
J. Kel, "The Bed at Midnight" (The Pattern of Infinity: Episode 3; S5)

Rebecca Reeves, "Output: An Introduction by the Editor"
"Interview: Michael Keating" conducted by Rosemary Woodhouse (in March 1990)
Fanzines & Clubs

Michael J. Macomber, "Distortion"
Lorna Breshears, "Stonecutter" (A)
Michael J. Macomber, "Trooper"
Michael J. Macomber, "Shame"
Michael J. Macomber, "Cyber-surgeon"
Michael J. Macomber, "All My Life"
Michael J. Macomber, "Drowning"
Jenny Hayward, "Almost an Epitaph"

Kathryn Andersen cover A-So
p. 33 V
p. 41 A
p. 50 D-Ta
p. 60 So
p. 86 V
p. 90 So
p. 145 A
p. 148 Arlen
Leigh Motooka p. 3 V
p. 16 Se-Tr; cartoon illo for "Deliverance?"
p. 26 V with evil grin
p. 71 Ta, V, So, G; illo for "A Case of Deja Vu"
p. 93 Ta, J, Deeta; illo for "Guardian Angel"
Rosemary Woodhouse p. 8 A as child
p. 30 V
p. 36 V
Derrin p. 10 multiple Vs
p. 77 G
Eve Yazembiak-Thomas p. 24 Tr
p. 38 V
p. 98 A
p. 105 A
p. 114 Se
p. 150 Ta
Annie Hamilton p. 46 C
p. 126 C
Tim Pieracini pp. 52-59 graphic story
Dale Sproule p. 66 So
p. 111 C?
p. 137 A
Rebecca Reeves p. 82 B

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