Editor: Jackie Ophir
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: October 1994

Judith Proctor, "A Choice of Identity" (S2; A)
Lorna Breshears, "About-Face" (S5; J-V)
Nina Lynch, "Nothing Unusual" (S4)
Ros Williams, "Futures Passing" (sequel to "Possible Futures" in #s 7-8; S5; A/Se)
Judith Proctor, "Narrowboat" (S2 AU; humor)
Russ Massey, "Legend" (S5; J; prequel to Twice Numbered Days)
William J. Morrison, "Not the Man We Thought" (S0; B)
Brad D. Black, "Inscriptions" (S0; Anna, Se)
Heather Whitney, "Revenge of a Dead Thief" (S4; alt- Orbit)
Neil Faulkner, "All the President's Men" (S?; ocm)

Ivan Smith front c. B
back c. B, Se, A
Val Westall p. 2 tp for "Choice"
p. 19 V
p. 48 A, C, Se; tp for "Futures"
p. 98 V
Tim Pieraccini p. 16 J
p. 51 A, C
p. 65 Se, A, Ta
p. 73 A
p. 96 A; tp for "Revenge"
Harry Eckman p. 20 tp for "Nothing"
p. 78 tp for "Narrowboat"
Rory Hull p. 85 illo for "Legend"
William J. Morrison p. 86 B; tp for "Not"
Steven J. Miscandlon p. 102 Fed trooper; tp for "All"

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