Dark Between The Stars Issue 1

Mini Review

by Sarah Thompson

There's some non-explicit het action in this issue, the first of 5. In "Death-Shadow," Avon is forced to serve Servalan until he is saved and reunited with his true love Cally. In "Goblinfruit," not only does Lord Avon make it with Meegat, but Vila and Gan are also entertained by local ladies. All are observed from the cynical pov of Jenna. Fans of dark A/B may like "The Room," a short (2 pp.) PGP A-B chiller. The opening sentence: "The madman walked down the stairs carrying the dead man in his arms."

The Actors Index is a fun guide to those familiar faces (not just the regulars but the guest stars as well) who keep turning up on various other British shows.


Editor: Kristy Merrill (Orem, UT)
Publisher: Bill Hupe (Lansing, MI)
Date: 1989

Nancy Lynn Hayes, "Death-Shadow" (S5, alt-S4; A-hc, A/Se, A/C)
Sheila Paulson, "The Turning Point" (alt-S4; post-Orbit; A-V)
Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane, "The Room" (S5; A-B)
Aravis Katheryn DelClare, "Goblinfruit" (S1; Deliverance; J; A/Meegat, V/ocf, G/ocf)
Helen Sargeant, "Blake's Chickens" (S1 parody; humor)
April Schowyrs, "Brotherhood" (S4; So)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Torrent" (S2; A-B, A-hc)
Claudine Vissing, "River of Danger" (S2; A-B)
Todd Parrish, "Weep, Servalan" (S5?; Se)

Kristy Merrill, "Editor's Page"
SueLynn Carroll, "Blake's Seven Trivia Quiz"
Aravis Katheryn DelClare and Sherry Lassiter, "Blake's Seven Actors Index"
"Blake's Seven Episode Guide" (list of eps; no synopses)
"Contributor Information"

Teri Sarick, "Waiting"
Cathy Errickson, "Ballad of Blakes 7 (Or 5, Or 9 Or...)" (f, John Brown's Body)
Nancy Lynn Hayes, "He Once Was a True Love of Mine" (f, Scarborough Fair)
Michelle Douglas, "Haiku"
Michelle Douglas, "The Empty Chair" (B-G)
Teri Sarick, "Bright 7" (f, White Christmas)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Fledgling" (Se)

Vicki Brinkmeier cover A
p. 29 J; illo for "Goblinfruit"
p. 39 A-J; illo for "Goblinfruit"
p. 50 J-ocf; illo for "Goblinfruit"
p. 62 A-J
p. 117 Se; illo for "Fledgling"
Denise Loague p. 2 A
p. 6 C
p. 63 J
RandyM p. 23 D
p. 72 A
p. 77 Ta-V
p. 102 D
p. 115 D-So cartoon
Cindy Brown p. 66 illo for "Chickens"
Michelle Douglas p. 78 B, G
Dineh Torres p. 87 A-B; illo for "Torrent"
p. 95 A-B; illo for "Torrent"
Wilma Douglas p. 116 cartoon illos for "Bright 7"

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