?Emanuelle's RevengeTOUCHED #6A/V mm; UK, 1985
?Family TraditionsSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V/Kerril threeway, V/ocf; alternate Last Stand universe; humor US, 1993
AirelleThe Blake's 7 AffairFULL CIRCLE #4S1?; uc A/V, uc A/Illya, A/B, B/Napoleon AU, 1996
AnonAnother Short Story Calculated to Annoy Absolutely EverybodyTOUCHED #10A/V mm; UK, 1987
A.A.L.That Word Beginning with 'C'TALES FROM SPACE CITYS4, pre-Orbit; A/V UK, 1998.10
Ross Allister and Nevin PatrickScarsDARK FANTASIES #2B/Ta, A/V mm; US, 1994
Anon W.A.W. (Anonymous Was a Woman)When the Barriers BreakMAGNIFICENT TAILSA/V US, 1988
Noo Ki ArrusEve of TerrorSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
Sara Avery & Sylvia DennisonDouble JeopardySOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/V US, 1991
The Bald DwarfVila's ToysAQUATAR #1A/B/V threeway; humor US, 1988
Jane BaronWitnessOBLAQUE IVA/V, A/B US, 1990
Natasha BarryFound WantingRESISTANCE #5A/B, B/J, A/C, A/V, C/V, A/O US, 1991
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London BatesFirst Person SingularSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/ocm, A/V US, 1987
London BatesNot in Death nor Sleep ReposeSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
Helig BenedictFlashMAGNIFICENT TAILSA/V; Flake's Seven universe; humor US, 1988
Helig BenedictFlash (Take Two)MAGNIFICENT TAILSTake Two US, 1988
Helig BenedictFlash (Take Three)MAGNIFICENT TAILSTake Three US, 1988
Helig BenedictFlash: In the PanMAGNIFICENT TAILS, TOOA/V; Flake's Seven universe; humor US, 1989
Marie BlackpoolCindervilaEVASIVE MANEUVERSA/V; AU humor US, 1994
Dovya BlacqueA Matter of TrustRESISTANCE #1A/V US, 1987
Erika BloomIn the DarkDARK FANTASIES #4A/V mm; US, 1996
Erika BloomSpace CaptainDARK FANTASIES #7sequel to "In the Dark" in #4; S3; Ta/V, past A/V mm; US, 2000
Leslie BoucherReturn to LifeREBEL DESIRES #1A/Ta, A/V US, 1995
Julie "Stew" BozzaBy DefaultBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4A/V AU, 1987
Julie "Stew" BozzaPortabello BluesBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4A/V, V/ocm AU, 1987
R. Olivia BrownLiarsAVON CALLING IIA/V US, 1991
CamiIt's a Dirty Job... But Somebody's Got to Do ItDARK FANTASIES #1A/V mm; US, 1993
CancerTouchTOUCHED #1/2A/V mm; UK, 1984
Riley CannonStand-inSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Caroline K. CarbisAppetiteOBLAQUERA/B/V threeway US, 1989
Jane CarnallIsolationTOUCHED #1/2A/V mm; UK, 1984
Jane CarnallInnocent BetrayedTOUCHED #3A/V mm; UK, 1984
Jane CarnallSilent Night, Holy (?) NightTOUCHED #6? mm; UK, 1985
Jane Carnall untitled poetry/story fragment TOUCHED #8A/V mm; UK, 1986
Jane CarnallTrustE-MAN-UELLE #6A/V UK
Jane CarnallI Want YouE-MAN-UELLE #6A/V UK
Jane CarnallBut Love Has Never Known a LawTHE UNIQUE TOUCHA/V mm; UK, 1985
Jane Carnall untitled story QUICKSILVER RISING #4Tr/V, A/V UK, 1986
Jane CarnallMental HealthSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/V US, 1987
Jane CarnallCivilized TerrorSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
Jane CarnallRevenge for What?SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5D/So, J/ocf, A/V US, 1988
Jane CarnallAll AloneTHE UNIQUE TOUCH 2B/V, Ta/V, A/V mm; UK, 1988
Jane CarnallA Lesson Well LearntSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Jane CarnallThis Neurotic Little WorrySOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Jane CarnallHeart's DesireVILA, PLEASE!A/V US, 1988?
Jane CarnallSilenceINTRIGUING IDEASA/V US, 1989
Jane CarnallSometimes There's No RomanceINTRIGUING IDEASA/V US, 1989
Jane CarnallAfterwordSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V; sequel to "Quietus" by Victoria Towers US, 1990
N. T. CasillasSealed with a KissSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
N. T. CasillasSweet the SinOBLAQUE IVA/V US, 1990
N. T. CasillasThe Hand of FriendshipAVON CALLING IIA/V US, 1991
CassandraCelebrating LifeSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/Ta/V US, 1993
CatocalaHow Much LoveSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V/Kerril; Last Stand universe US, 1987
CatocalaLong Way from the EdgeSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V/Kerril; Last Stand universe US, 1987
CatocalaTruth in LiesSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/V/Kerril, V/ocf; Last Stand universe US, 1988
CatocalaPlaying on the EdgeSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V/Kerril; Last Stand universe US, 1988
CatocalaCrossing the GradeDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A/V US, 1989
CatocalaFade to GreyOBLAQUE IVA/V; sequel to Crossing the Grade US, 1990
CatocalaPale ShelterBLAKE, RABBLE & ROLL #2A/B/V threeway; Fade to Grey universe US, 1990
CatocalaNo Way InRESISTANCE #4A/V US, 1990
CatocalaHitting BottomAVON CALLING IIA/V US, 1991
CatocalaInto the Dragon's JawsSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B, A/V US, 1994
CatocalaOut of the EmbersSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/V US, 1994
CatocalaFirst of a Thousand and OneSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/V US, 1994
CatocalaFool's InterludeREBEL DESIRES #1universe of "Fool's Paradise," gen story in RAISING HELL #4; S5; A/V US, 1995
Maree CelesteRemembranceSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
CestusAnd With My Body I Thee WorshipE-MAN-UELLE #3A/V UK
CestusWith All My Worldly Goods, I Thee EndowE-MAN-UELLE #5A/V UK
ChristabelGetting ConnectedFORBIDDEN STAR #2script; A/V in computer style; humor UK, 1997.12
ChristabelHidden AssetsTALES FROM SPACE CITY #21998 Birthday Party story; A/V; humor UK, 2000.3
Christabel and Vanessa MullenDome Cycle LamentTALES FROM SPACE CITYassorted alternate endings for M. Fae Glasgow's "Dome Cycle;" S5; A/V, A/B, B/V, B/A's mum, V/Christabel, A/B/V menage; humor UK, 1998.10
Cathy ConradJungle LoveTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #4B/J, Tr/Kiera, C/G, A/C, A/V; humor US, 1989
Susan CutterBut That's the Way to BetSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5sequel to "Nor the Race to the Swift;" S1; implied A/J, A/C, A/V, and A/G US, 1999.5
Caroline DareManhuntMAGNIFICENT TAILS, TOOA/V; expurgated version US, 1989
Caroline DareA Spanking Good Time!OBLAQUE IVA Game of Tag, Part II US, 1990
Caroline DareLights OutOBLAQUE VA Game of Tag, Part III US, 1991
Caroline DareWelcome to My DungeonAVON CALLING IIIA/B/V threeway US, 1994
Gene DelapeniaTo Whom It May ConcernPLAYFELLOWS #8A/V mm; US
Gene DelapeniaTo Whom It May ConcernPLAYFELLOWS #8S4; A/V, past A/Anna, past A/B, past A/C mm; US, 1995.10
Daphne DemureString of PearlsIT'S GREEK TO MEA/V mm; US, 1992
Ty DownsCally's FriendsAQUATAR #2A/C/V threeway US, 1990
Ty DownsOrac's ResearchAVON CALLING IIA/V US, 1991
Jade DrofsnyDark Dream on Gauda PrimeMAGNIFICENT TAILS, TOOA/V US, 1989
EmerysDemon DreamsCOMPOUNDED INTEREST #4.5S4; A/V, dream A/C mm; US, 1996
Morgan L. FayeSlight RecalibrationVILA, PLEASE!A/V US, 1988?
Valerie FrancoisExpertiseSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
Valerie FrancisSpare PartsSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
Valerie FrancisBloodgiftsSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V; Bloodlust universe US, 1990
Lynne FranklinYour Fondest WishLIAISONS #2A/V mm; US, 1993
Lynne FranklinSweet RevengeAVON CALLING IIIA/V US, 1994
M. Fae GlasgowBackfireOBLAQUEA/V US, 1988
M. Fae GlasgowPrick Up Your EarsRESISTANCE #3A/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowAbsence Makes the Heart Grow FonderRESISTANCE #3A/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowThere is None So BlindDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowNeeds MustOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowDomestic Bliss, or, Truth and ConsequencesOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowReOrbit: The Darkness DropsOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowReOrbit: Stony SleepOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowReOrbit: The Second ComingOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowThe Other Side of the CoinOBLAQUE IVA/V US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowMistOBLAQUE IVA/V US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowThe Iceman ComethCONCUPISCENCE #1A/V mm; US
M. Fae GlasgowBothyBENE DICTUM HALF'N'HALFA/V mm; US, 1995
Edi N. Burgh (=M. Fae Glasgow)Tea for TwoOBLAQUEdialogue; A/V US, 1988
Edi N. Burgh (=M. Fae Glasgow)In the BeginningOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
Ailsa Craig (=M. Fae Glasgow)Speak No EvilAVON CALLING IA/V US, 1990
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)In a Plain Brown WrapperOBLAQUEA/V US, 1988
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)Rise...OBLAQUEA/V, A/B US, 1988
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)Once More, Dear Friend, Into the BreechesOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)Lament, Part IOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)Lament, Part II: Love's Great AdventureOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)On the Tip of His TongueOBLAQUE IVA/V US, 1990
Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow)In Vino VeritasOBLAQUE VA/V US, 1991
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)ExeuntOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)The Forest for the TreesOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)And Dreaming, AwakeOBLAQUE VA/V US, 1991
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)Hey Diddle DiddleOBLAQUE SEXTUSTa/V, A/V US, 1993
Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow)A Complete Ball's UpOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow)One in a MillionOBLAQUE SEXTUSA/V US, 1993
L. A. Scotian (=M. Fae Glasgow)The Ties That BindOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
L. A. Scotian (=M. Fae Glasgow)The Fifth DayOBLAQUE IVA/V US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowThe Things We Do for LoveOBLAQUEA/V, A/B US, 1988
M. Fae GlasgowThe Field of Human ConflictOBLAQUE IVA/V, A/B US, 1990
Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow)Lovers and Madmen: RavelmentPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IIA/B/V threeway mm; US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowLovers and Madmen: UnravelmentPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IIA/V, A/B, B/V mm; US, 1990
Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow)RaptusPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IVA/V, A/B mm; US, 1992
M. Fae GlasgowIncipitOBLAQUE VVenery I US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowIn Medias ResOBLAQUE VVenery II US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowAnte MortemOBLAQUE VVenery III US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowTerminusOBLAQUE VVenery IV US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowThe Way of ItOBLAQUERThe Dome Cycle 1; A/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowFor A' ThatOBLAQUESTThe Dome Cycle 2; A/V, A/V US, 1989
M. Fae GlasgowPromises, PromisesOBLAQUE IVThe Dome Cycle 3; A/V, A/B US, 1990
M. Fae GlasgowShould Auld AquaintanceOBLAQUE VThe Dome Cycle 4; A/V, A/B US, 1991
M. Fae GlasgowOh L'AmourOBLAQUE SEXTUSThe Dome Cycle 5; A/V, A/B US, 1993
ShoshannaDo-It-Yourself SlashRESISTANCE #4A/V; humor US, 1990
HakuchoJust Say NoSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
Maggie HallMany Coloured GlassCONCUPISCENCE #4A/B, A/V; alternate ending to M. Fae Glasgow's Dome Cycle mm; US, 1995
Cybel HarperNo PromisesRESISTANCE #4A/V US, 1990
Julia HenryRumours of CourageLIBERATOR FANTASIESS3, post-Rumours; A/V US, 1998
Cleveland HiattDream DestinyVILA, PLEASE!A/oc, A/V US, 1988?
A. L. HughesIf Only I Could...OBLAQUEA/J, B/V, A/V, A/B US, 1988
A. L. HughesThe Emperor's New ClothesOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes)Love's Raw EdgeOBLAQUEA/V US, 1988
Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes)Through a Glass DarklyOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes)BathtubOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes)The Story TellerLIAISONS #1A/V, past A/Del Grant, past A/Dorian, past A/Se mm; US, 1991
IrishTurn, Turn, TurnSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5A/B, A/V US, 1994
IrishA Practical SolutionSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.75A/V US, 1994
IrishOrbital AberrationDARK FANTASIES #3A/V mm; US, 1995
IrishSuch a FoolSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/V US, 1996
Trisha JohnsonThree's CompanyINTRIGUING IDEASA/B/V threeway US, 1989
Daley KellyReaffirmationSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
Daley KellyVictim of LoveSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/V US, 1991
Daley KellyFriendly PersuasionSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/V US, 1991
Daley KellyOn CreditSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/V US, 1991
Daley KellyReliquarySOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Daley KellyBirthday StorySOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Daley KellyNo RespiteSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Chris KesslerSurprises (Or One Page Slash Challenge)TOUCHED #10Or One Page Slash Challenge mm; UK, 1987
Chris KesslerDear AvonTHE UNIQUE TOUCH 2A/V mm; UK, 1988
Chris KesslerInterludeTHE UNIQUE TOUCH 2A/V mm; UK, 1988
Chris KesslerDiscoveriesSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/V US, 1988
Chris KesslerThe WatcherSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Chris KesslerPrioritiesINTRIGUING IDEASA/V; sequel to The Watcher US, 1989
Chris KesslerThe Warden's PetSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/V US, 1991
KhylaraForgivenessREBEL DESIRES #1A/V US, 1995
Julie KramerAftershockQUICKSILVER RISING #2A/V UK, 1984
Julie KramerMore than GratefulTOUCHED #6A/V mm; UK, 1985
Julie KramerVisitationTOUCHED #9A/V mm; UK, 1986
Julie KramerEchoes of JealousyTOUCHED #10A/V mm; UK, 1987
Julie KramerOut with a Bang, or, The Orbit We Never SawSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/V US, 1987
Julie KramerInitiationE-MAN-UELLE #6A/V UK
Julie KramerNo AlternativeE-MAN-UELLE #6A/V UK
Julie KramerFirst EncounterE-MAN-UELLE #6A/V UK
Julie KramerBehind the ScenesE-MAN-UELLE #6A/V UK
Julie KramerAll the DifferenceE-MAN-UELLE #6Ta/V, A/V UK
Kris and Ty DownsDreams RealisedBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #6A/V AU, 1989
Kris & Ty DownsReturn to the Scene of the CrimeBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #8A/V; sequel to "Dreams Realised" AU, 1992
A.A.L.That Word Beginning with 'C'TALES FROM SPACE CITYS4, pre-Orbit; A/V UK, 1998.10
Gloria LancasterLabyrinthDARK ROSESalt-S1; A/B, Ta/V, A/V mm; UK, 1998
E. LapidaeFor PlayAVON CALLING IIA/V US, 1991
Donna LaRueSolutionINTRIGUING IDEASA/V US, 1989
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M. Le FayDiscovery on DhangiE-MAN-UELLE #4A/V UK
Anna Lee...Hoops of SteelSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
Erica LeonardBroken FantasyQUICKSILVER RISING #4A/V UK, 1986
Erica LeonardMended DreamSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V; sequel to "Broken Fantasy" in QUICKSILVER RISING #4 and FORBIDDEN ZONE #3 US, 1987
Maggie LoganHealingFULL CIRCLE #2A/V mm; AU
[Frankie LyndonThe Cost of SurvivalTHE BIG B7 ZINEgen, Linkage universe US, 1993
Frankie LyndonThe Lonely of HeartTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/V, Linkage universe US, 1993
Frankie LyndonCrossroadsTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/V, Linkage universe US, 1993
M. C.Comfort 3E-MAN-UELLE #2A/V UK
M. C.Comfort 4E-MAN-UELLE #2A/V UK
M. C.Comfort 5E-MAN-UELLE #3A/V UK
M. C. & K. F.Comfort 1E-MAN-UELLE #1A/V UK
M. C. & K. F.Comfort 2E-MAN-UELLE #1A/V UK
Margaret MacDonaldFifth Season Pillow TalkCOMPOUNDED INTEREST #3A/V mm; US, 1995
Alex T. MacKenzieThe Light of Other DaysRESISTANCE #5A/V US, 1991
Alex T. MacKenzieThe Tale of the PenetratorRESISTANCE #6A/V, A/B/V threeway, A/Se, B/J, A/J, A/C; humor US, 1992
Janice MadisonTrash SlashINTRIGUING IDEASA/V; humor US, 1989
Jane MailanderBenchmarkPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IVA/V mm; US, 1992
Jane MailanderCoyotesRESISTANCE #6A/V US, 1992
Jane MailanderWhy It HurtCONCUPISCENCE #2A/V mm; US, 1992
Jane MailanderHindsightLIAISONS #2A/V; sequel to "Benchmark" mm; US, 1993
Jane MailanderAfterplayAVON CALLING IIIA/V US, 1994
Jane MailanderTwo Kinds of People, Two Seas in JudeaJUST MY TYPEA/V mm; US
Jane MailanderCaptive ThoughtsSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/V US, 1996
MarenWanted: ProtectorAVON, ANYONE?A/V US, 1987?
MarenA Sip in TimeAVON, ANYONE?A/Se, A/V US, 1987?
MarenThe Amdian AdventureVILA, PLEASE!A/V US, 1988?
MarenSeek and Find, Ask...INTRIGUING IDEASA/V US, 1989
MarenChangesI DON'T DRINK... WINEA/V, A/B mm; US, 1989
MarnieA Friend in NeedVILA, PLEASE!V/Doran, A/V US, 1988?
MaylaniAt LastAVON, ANYONE?A/V US, 1987?
MaylaniSurprises IAVON, ANYONE?A/V US, 1987?
MaylaniSurprises IIAVON, ANYONE?A/V US, 1987?
MaylaniHolidayAVON, ANYONE?orgy; A/V US, 1987?
MireilleNever Say NeverSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.75A/V US, 1994
MireillePromises, PromisesSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.75A/V US, 1994
D. D. MontgomeryCreature ComfortsSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/V US, 1988
Ingrid MontroseA Very Improbable Story, or, 'They're Going at It Again!'TOUCHED #10A/B, A/V; humor mm; UK, 1987
Ingrid MontrosePoker NightSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/V US, 1987
Ingrid MontroseIf We Play Our Cards RightSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.5A/V US, 1987
Ingrid MontroseBedtime StorySOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/V US, 1988
Ingrid Montrose & B. J. BensonOpportunitiesSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
Sean Charles (=Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane)Coming HomeOBLAQUERA/V US, 1989
Sean CharlesNothing Left to LoseSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Adrian C. Morgan and Brendan S. O'CullaneAppearancesOBLAQUESTA/V US, 1989
Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'CullaneOutside/InDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A/V US, 1989
Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'CullanePick up the PiecesSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B, A/V US, 1990
Brendan O'Cullane and Adrian MorganRe-entryRESISTANCE #6A/V US, 1992
Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'CullaneWinners and LosersDOUBLE VISIONA/V US, 1993
Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'CullaneStolen HourDOUBLE VISIONA/V US, 1993
Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'CullaneJealousy GamesON THE EDGE #1A/V, V/Bodie 1993
Coral Court (=Jeff Morris)ScandalSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V; humor US, 1990
Madelyn Darring (=Jeff Morris)Everybody Wants You NowAVON, ANYONE?A/C, A/B, A/J, A/V; humor US, 1987?
Madelyn Darring (=Jeff Morris)Don't Stand So Close to MeSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5D/Ta, A/V; humor US, 1988
Madelyn Darring & Coral Court (=Jeff Morris)What I Did for LoveSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Vanessa MullenThe Ballad of Reading GaolFORBIDDEN STARA/B, A/V UK, 1995
Vanessa MullenBottle of WineREBEL DESIRES #1A/V, A/So/V threeway US, 1995
Vanessa MullenGood IntentionsRESISTANCE #8A/V US, 1994
Nicely NicelyTime Off and Good BehaviorSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Iama NonymousThe Ties That BindSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/V/Kerril; alternate Last Stand universe US, 1988
Linda NormanBlake's Seven Go CampingTALES FROM SPACE CITYAU S2; children's book parody; A/V, C/J, A/B, B/Tr, C/J/Se; humor UK, 1998.10
Sean Charles (=Brendan O'Cullane)DeltaAQUATAR #1Ta/V, A/Ta, A/V US, 1988
Brendan O'CullaneConfessionDOUBLE VISIONA/V US, 1993
Brendan O'CullaneCaught in the ActDOUBLE VISIONA/V US, 1993
Brendan O'CullaneA Thief's PunishmentDOUBLE VISIONA/V US, 1993
Mal O'DarCause and RedemptionAVON, ANYONE?A/V US, 1987?
Ann Onymous & Ambergris untitled E-MAN-UELLE #4A/V UK
Ann Onymous & DubonnetImagination or FactE-MAN-UELLE #3A/V UK
R. L. ParkerReturnSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
R. L. ParkerLight of DaySOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
R. L. ParkerFeeding the FireSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
R. L. ParkerRevelationSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/V US, 1990
R. L. ParkerAn Innocent ManSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
R. L. ParkerInnocence and WrathSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5Ta/V, A/V US, 1993
Nikki ParsonsArrivalINTRIGUING IDEASThe Memories Series 1; A/V US, 1989
Nikki ParsonsMemoriesINTRIGUING IDEASThe Memories Series 2; A/V US, 1989
Nikki ParsonsGhostsINTRIGUING IDEASThe Memories Series 3; A/V US, 1989
Nikki ParsonsPeaceINTRIGUING IDEASThe Memories Series 4; A/V US, 1989
PaulaThe BondstoneQUICKSILVER RISING #2A/V, A/B/C/V menage UK, 1984
PaulaIll-Gotten GainsSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
PaulaAn Anodyne to DreamsAVON CALLING IA/V US, 1990
[Elsie PauleMetamorphosisI DON'T DRINK... WINEgen mm; US, 1989
Elsie PauleA Little Touch of DeathI DON'T DRINK... WINEA/V; sequel to "Metamorphosis" mm; US, 1989
QualeAn Island in the SunBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4V/ocf, A/V AU, 1987
QualeShadows in the RainADULT SITUATIONS #3J/V, B/J, A/V mm; US
QualeThe Final RunRESISTANCE #3A/V US, 1989
Quale & ScorpioCovenantRESISTANCE #2A/V US, 1988
(Quale, Ingrid Montrose, & Julie Kramer)Hanging by a ThreadVILA, PLEASE!A/V US, 1988?
Pearl RaeOne Bottle Too ManyAVON'S GADGET WORKSA/V US
Bret RamroyAlways/VictimizedTEN-CREDIT TOUCHA/V; humor US, 1993
Jamie Melody RandallSaint of CircumstancesSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.75A/V US, 1994
Jamie Melody RandallEasy to Love YouSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.75A/V US, 1994
J. D. ReecePrivacySOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
Lora ReneThe Way It Might Have BeenSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75V/A in C's body US, 1988
Masha RomanovaNo RedemptionSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Ann Wortham & Leah RosenthalWhen the Heart Rules the MindTOUCHED #9A/V mm; UK, 1986
Leah Rosenthal & Ann WorthamWhat Are Friends For?THE NAUGHTY BITSA/V, humor mm; US, 1989
Ann Wortham and Leah RosenthalToo Cute to LiveDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A/V; humor US, 1989
Aida St. DummontNightwatchAVON CALLING IA/V US, 1990
Aida St. DummontA Fool and his MoneyAVON CALLING IA/V US, 1990
Aida St. DummontDiscoveriesAVON CALLING IA/C/V threeway US, 1990
SalamacisSheep ThrillsIT'S GREEK TO MEA/V/Sam Beckett in the body of a sheep dressed as Cally; B7/QL crossover; humor mm; US, 1992
SalmacisA Little HopeMAGNIFICENT TAILSA/V US, 1988
B. SassenachHe Who Laughs Last...OBLAQUESTA/V, A/So US, 1989
ScorpioExperimentSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5A/V US, 1988
Scorpio and Syl NewellNot with a Bang, But a WhimperSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
SebastianTrappedTOUCHED #8A/V mm; UK, 1986
SebastianCubicle 23E-MAN-UELLE #7A/V UK
SebastianBittersweetOBLAQUE IVA/V, A/B/V threeway, A/B US, 1990
SebastianPsebulenPAEAN TO PRIAPUS IIA/V mm; US, 1990
Willa ShakespeareOppositesSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Willa ShakespeareNever Love a StrangerSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/V US, 1993
Willa ShakespeareFurtling Through SpaceRESISTANCE #7A/V US, 1993
Willa ShakespeareVila RidesRESISTANCE #8A/V US, 1994
Willa ShakespeareVila RidesCOMA AVON NIGHTS or Kiss of the Avon Lady slash and adult; S3; O/Z, A/C, B/J, A/B, A/V, V/ocfs, A/D, A/G, A/Lauren, A/Ta, J/V, D/Ta, A/J, A/Tr, J/Tr, A/Se, G/The Incredible Hulk, D/Se/V, A/Anna; humor)
Willa ShakespeareDelta MathSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S1?; A/V, A/B, B/J; humor US, 1999.5
Willa ShakespeareThe Turning of the WormSOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5S3; Ta/V, A/Ta/V US, 1999.5
Ebony SilverBloodlustSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
MacBeth Smith and Ophelia JonesBloodlustTHIEVES IN TIME S0-1-3-4-5; Darkover crossover; A/V, A/Se, V/ocms, A/Tynus, A/Anna, A/B; US, 1993.5)
Natasha SoltenMy Middle Name Is MiseryRESISTANCE #1A/V US, 1987
Henrietta StreetPayment in KindSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
Winona SymondsThe Nature of the BeastAVON CALLING ITa/V, A/Ta, A/V US, 1990
TaliesinTwilightSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/V US, 1996
TaraDesperate MeasuresCOHORTS #1A/B, A/V mm; AU, 1995
TempleOut of MindE-MAN-UELLE #3A/V UK
TenayaIn the CageSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
TenayaDouble DuelINTRIGUING IDEASA/V, B/V, A/B US, 1989
TenayaPeople ChangeSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #4.5Ta/V, A/V US, 1988
TenayaFlying ColorsSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
TenayaTrick or TreatLIAISONS #1A/V mm; US, 1991
Barbara TennisonRevenantSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
Barbara TennisonLost PerfectionSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Barbara TennisonMungojerrie and RumpleteazerSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Pat TerraBrillianceAVON CALLING IIIA/B, A/V, C/V US, 1994
Pat TerraJealousyREBEL DESIRES #1A/V US, 1995
Noah TeuchterDreams Are Nuthin' More Than WishesTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; S4, post-Orbit?; dream A/B/C/D/G/J/So/Ta orgy, dream A/V UK, 1998.10
Geoff TilleyA Touch of LoveBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4A/C, B/J, C/J, A/V US, 1987
Victoria TowersQuietusSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/V US, 1988
Chris J. UeberallPrisonersDIVERSE DOINGSPros crossover; A/V, Bodie/Doyle, past A/Doyle mm; US, 1997
Illne VertellJust One WishTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/V US, 1993
Illne VertellThrough the Looking GlassTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/Ta/V threeway US, 1993
Ellis WardLest Madness ReturnTOUCHED #11A/V mm; UK, 1987
Ellis WardIn Lieu of RegretsBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4A/V AU, 1987
Ellis WardA Question of TrustSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
W. K. D. WaysSex and Sensibility: An (Im)Morality TaleSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5Im US, 1994
Severely Weird (John Anonymous Actually and John Snidely- Whiplash)On SauterneBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #5A/V AU, 1988
Audrey WeirdsleyCat and MouseREBEL DESIRES #1A/V US, 1995
Audrey WeirdsleySweet Savage DeltaSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/V US, 1996
Audrey WeirdsleyTaking NotesSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/V US, 1996
Matilda WillardFantasiesSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/V US, 1991
Matilda WillardRumours of LifeLIAISONS #2A/V mm; US, 1993
Amy WilliamsTurnaboutINTRIGUING IDEASA/V US, 1989
Bobbi WithersTorn Between the Blessing and the CurseSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75A/V US, 1987
Ann WorthamThe Final RunTOUCHED #10A/V mm; UK, 1987
K. Ann YostMachinationsSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/B, A/V US, 1996
Kody A. YoungScreaming in the NightDIFFERENT DESTINIES #1A-Ta, A/B/V threeway US, 1989

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