Avon Calling II

Zine Review - Avon Calling II

review by Predatrix


Cover by Phoenix. Nude. Doesn't really look like Avon as far as I can see (too soppy expression & too over-muscled). There are some more Phoenix's in this 'zine which I don't like, I think she can do him as too Soppy & Quivery.

A nice A/T by Randym. I'm always amazed by her pictures because the characters are more recognisable than some in more naturalistic artwork despite being incredibly stylised.

A rather good soft-pencil thing of Blake's face by Laura Virgil. Nicely sensual. Slightly wary or pensive expression - I think he's looking at Avon & thinking What's He Up To Now...

A couple of fun cartoons by Leah Rosenthal.

Some line drawings by Jessikah Rian which I really don't like at all.

My absolute favourite in this 'zine is the full-colour Lovett illustrating "Weight Watchers": lovely sensual golden picture of Avon & Blake cuddling up in the afterglow.


Well, you know what I'm likely to think of fan poetry by now...


The Hand of Friendship (A/V) by N.T. Casillas

Avon decides not only to kill Tynus for betraying their friendship but to make his life a misery first. He & Vila stage a slightly d/s sex scene (Vila as Top) in order to show Tynus (via the surveillance cameras) that Avon will permit Vila intimacies he never permitted Tynus.

Weight Watchers (A/B) by Matilda Willard

My favourite story in this 'zine. A nice just-for-fun PWP (I have a weakness for A/B PWPs - Vila shouldn't get *all* the fun & games stories). No redeeming social value, no plot-as-an-excuse, no ritual Avon-Being-Agonised-Afterwards, just sheer sexual greed. I *like* that in a story. Avon manages to catch Blake trying to sneak a piece of illicit chocolate cake at the dead of night, & manages to distract him from breaking his diet by a thorough & draining exercise routine.

Change of Pace (A/T) by Paula

PWP. Avon decides to go to the public baths one shore leave - and meets somebody unexpectedly familiar.

Scattered Petals (V/Soolin) by Anon

Only het story in this 'zine. Nice gentle bittersweet story - Soolin dares Vila to be romantic instead of clodhopping & Vila determines to really surprise her.

For Play (A/V) by E. Lapidae

No overt sex scene - although the ending is obviously leading up to sex. 2 illos by Phoenix of Avon with a kitten. Avon finds a stray kitten - showing Vila the softer side well hidden under his forbidding exterior.

Deliverance (A/B) by Pat Ellen

Very heavy d/s - Blake is Top, satisfying Avon's Federation-conditioned need to be controlled while trying to make him revolt against it. I don't dislike d/s in slash but I found the "brainwashing" (although in a good cause) angle uncomfortable to read. I also thought the tangled knot of emotions was a little fuzzy, but that may have been the point.

Fortune's Soldiers (T/Grant) by Cami

Tarrant has a fling with Grant in the adrenalin high after a battle. Nice considerate sex scenes.

Hitting Bottom (A/V) by Catocala

Nice send-up. This has Avon Sozzled & Randy while Vila is the BSO. Avon goes back to his cabin trying to convince himself that he is "a rock of independence, a monolith of prepossession, a model of ultimate control" but one glimpse of Vila on his bed & he's ripping his own clothes off ("Leather flew everywhere, like a chainsaw run wild in a shoe factory"). Made me laugh, anyway.

Liars (A/V) by R. Olivia Brown

Avon has to go & kill his Evil Mad Scientist brother. I like the bit where the Evil Brother is hoist with his own petard, but I don't find the story really works for me - feels a bit like a gen story crammed together w/ a slash story.

It's a Small Ship, After All by Natasha Barry

I can't get a handle on this one at all. The situation is that Blake had a fling w/ Avon a week ago, & Avon wants to forget all about it while Blake wants a serious relationship. The entire story is made up of the crew having long conversations about their emotions - it seems scrappy to me & full of contradictions. Also the way the emotions are talked about rather than expressed has a distancing effect.

Orac's Research (A/V + alternate A/V) by Ty Downs

Orac messes about w/ the nature of reality or something, & we get the parallel-universe versions of Avon & Vila getting mixed up w/ "our" ones. In the parallel universe the classes are reversed so Delta Vila is above Alphas Avon & Blake. I don't think it's done as a joke (I may as always be wrong...) but what w/ the role-reversal, Blake as Vila's sex toy, & multiple orgasms all over the place I don't find it at all convincing.


Editor: Denetia Arellanes
Publisher: Up the Rebels Press
Date: 1991


N. T. Casillas, "The Hand of Friendship" (A/V)
Matilda Willard, "Weight Watchers" (A/B)
Paula, "Change of Pace" (A/Ta)
Anon, "Scattered Petals" (adult; V/So)
Matilda Willard, "Festival" (A/B)
E. Lapidae, "For Play" (A/V)
pat ellen, "Deliverance" (A/B)
Cami, "Fortunes Soldiers" (Ta/Del Grant)
Catocala, "Hitting Bottom" (A/V)
R. Olivia Brown, "Liars" (A/V)
Natasha Barry, "It's a Small Ship, After All" (A/B)
Ty Downs, "Orac's Research" (A/V)


Gene S. Delapenia, "Mystery" (?)
Khylara, "Stolen Moments" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "For What It's Worth" (?A/B?)
Jane Mailander, "Only Mistaken" (V to A)
Gene S. Delapenia, "Acceptance" (A/B)
Judith Ellison, "Ever Hopeful" (A/B/V)
Jane Mailander, "Hermit Crab" (A/?)
Khylara, "Here in This Room" (A/V)
Khylara, "Fire with Fire" (A/B)


Phoenix cover nude A
facing p. 62 A in leather
facing p. 68 nude A & kitten (foldout)
facing p. 76 A in parka, & kitten
facing p. 89 A (illo for "Deliverance")
Jessikah Rian p. 2 A/V
p. 13 A/V
Suzan Lovett facing p. 30 A/B, color
Randym p. 35 A/Ta
Leah Rosenthal p. 40 cartoon (B-V)
p. 112 cartoon (A, B, V)
Laura Virgil facing p. 52 B (face)

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