Resistance 2


This series tends to lean towards A/B (not that I'm complaining) and this one has several quite enjoyable stories (and some rather strange poetry). My favourite story was 'Descending Horizon', a A/B that takes the combative side of their relationship right to the (decidedly bitter) edge, loading it with a lot of intensity and passion, a bit of love and quite a bit of hate. There's a bit of A/C in there too (unfortunately, Cally is rather wet), but it's mostly about the darker side of Blake and Avon's tangled relationship. I also enjoyed 'Tranquilized Dreams'; although the writing is simple, it works, and the plot being tied to one of the episodes, 'Voice From The Past' didn't hurt. Blake is being de-conditioned, with Avon taking Jenna's place as monitor and getting rather more involved (quite literally as well as emotionally) in Blake's nightmares - it's plainly told, but keeps interest right through to the end (where Avon unfortunately turns rather soft...pity).

There's two stories by Natasha Solten. Sometimes this writer works for me, other times, like this...'The Conquering Touch' is not bad, it's well written (though I prefer Blake not as thick nor as platitudinous as this) and there's patches of good dialogue, but I found it unsatisfying. And both Blake and Avon seemed wrong in 'Reaching For Death' - even if you allow for Avon going bonkers. I also found the assumption that the Scorpio crew were so much more wonderful and close and supportive than Blake's people more than a little off-putting (but then I always do - I also disliked the portrayal of Deva).

'Lover's Quarrel' is again not bad, but nothing out of the ordinary. And 'Covenant' - A/V, something I can't properly judge - is post-Orbit, with Vila weeping all over the place, and it just doesn't work for me.


Editor/publisher: Wendy Rathbone
Date: January 1988

Sylvia Knight, "Descending Horizon" (A/B)
Quale and Scorpio, "Covenant" (A/V)
Natasha Solten, "The Conquering Touch" (A/B)
Kami Saiid, "Lover's Quarrel" (A/B)
Andrea Arat, "Tranquilized Dreams" (A/B)
Natasha Solten, "Reaching for Death" (A/B)
Lassie Faire, "Foolishness" (A/V)
Ellie Craven, "Color Schemes" (A/B)
Kathy Tipton, "Liberation" (A/B)
Natasha Solten, "For Blake... Some Unspoken Words" (A/B)
Lynne Alysse Witten cover, pp. 20, 149 4th series logo
pp. 30, 68, 108 B7 logo
pp. 36, 109, 110 decorative
Anja Gruber p. 22 V
p. 112 A

Available from: MKASHEF Enterprises

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