Resistance 1


Review by Predatrix

Very much the romantic end of A/B slash: nothing like the explicitness or the psychology of Oblaque, and also feels different from the cheerful inclusiveness of a Southern Comfort. Reads as if it's the work of very few people, which may or may not be the case, but the tone is fairly similar throughout.


A Gayle Feyrer Avon which I was surprised not to like, as I've seen another one by her which I thought was beautiful. This one was just a bit too "sweet" for me. Otherwise, there are a few line drawings by Dragon, including a couple of rather nice Blake ones.

As usual, I refuse to discuss the poetry.


A Matter of Trust (A/V) -- Dovya Blacque

The A/V stories in this 'zine suggest that Vila is very much Avon's second choice (and if Blake were still on the ship Vila wouldn't have a chance). Vila fans will probably not find much to entertain them in this 'zine. Vila can never trust Avon again after _Orbit_, and Avon has lost his Blake, but can they share a moment of affection?

Absolution (A/B) -- Dovya Blacque

PGP. Avon killed the clone because he knew it wasn't Blake (they had a recognition code). He meets Blake again, and gives him Silent & Tortured Glances until Blake drags him into bed.

Lay Your Bet (A/B) -- Catherine Bell

My favourite story in this 'zine, and only partly because it's in a nice proportional typeface instead of the monospaced "typewriter" of the rest of the 'zine. Blake wants Avon to stay on the ship. Avon wants sex with Blake. Are either or both of them to get what they want? An Avon who will admit to wanting sex with Blake but not to anything more affectionate is much more believable to me than the fragile quasi-virgin that appears in some of the other stories.

Drowning (A/B) -- Natasha Solten

Avon teaches Blake to swim and Blake teaches Avon about sex, trust, love &c. Not bad, although a trace of American accent gets in the way for me (but then I'm a picky Brit).=20

My Middle Name is Misery (A/V) -- Natasha Solten

Why is Avon being nice to Vila? It just makes Vila nervous. Another "moment of affection" story: i.e. Vila wants Kerril and Avon wants Blake, but they find each other anyway.

Fifty-Fifty (A/B) -- Natasha Solten

Avon & Blake are about to share a prostitute until she discovers that they are both wanted rebels. To no slash fan's surprise, they then decide "who needs her" and decide to go ahead on their own.


Editor/publisher: Wendy Rathbone
Available from: MKASHEF Enterprises
Date: September 1987

Dovya Blacque, "A Matter of Trust" (A/V)
Dovya Blacque, "Absolution" (A/B)
Catherine Bell, "Lay Your Bet" (A/B)
Natasha Solten, "Drowning" (A/B)
Natasha Solten, "My Middle Name Is Misery" (A/V)
Natasha Solten, "Fifty-Fifty" (A/B)
Carol Turner, "Storm" (A/B)
Natasha Solten, "Avon's Sign" (A/B)
Dallance McCasland, "Burning Steel" (A/B)
Natasha Solten, "Impossible Words" (A/B)
Natasha Solten, "Redemption" (A/B)
Dragon front cover A
back cover B
p. 45 A (same as cover)
Caro Hedge p. 46 decorative border

Available from: MKASHEF Enterprises

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