Here it is, all by itself 'cause it's so big: The Big B7 Zine, a club zine of the Flakey Blakey Society of Cleveland. This is a good one if you like Tarrant, especially Tarrant/Vila, and sweet A/B. There are a number of tidbits from the A/B "Legends" universe of =Careless Whispers=; also a really hot A/T that I'm very fond of ("Prisoners: The Shattering"), one BUARA that I can recall ("Bed of Sand"), and an odd story in which both A and T are abducted and tortured by strange aliens ("A Season of Pleasure, A Season of Pain"). But the majority of the stories are relatively short and light-hearted.

Incredibly short review by Judith - This zine may be massive, but you have to have the same tastes as the writers to get any value out of it. I only enjoyed about three stories in the entire zine. But then I'm an A/B fan and I hate soppy stories.


THE BIG B7 ZINE (mixed gen, adult, slash)
Editors: Sandra Basham, Teri White, Cami, Jennie McGrath
Publisher: The Flakey Blakey Society
Date: 1993


Isis, "Heat" (A/B)
Lynne Franklin, "Alternative Revenue" (T/V)
Isis, "Valentine" (A/B)
Lynne Franklin, "Bed of Sand" (A/B)
Jennie McGRath, "I Can Scarcely Bid You Good-bye" (gen)
ORACxL, "Fireworks" (Ta/D, Ta/A)
Cami, "The End of the Rainbow" (Ta/V)
S. Lewis, "If You Could Read My Mind" (A/B; Legends universe)
Cami, "Revolutionary Perspectives: The Soldier" (gen)
Jennie McGrath, "A Time of Innocence" (gen; Time of Innocence universe)
Jennie McGrath, "A Small Circle of Friends" (gen; Time of Innocence universe)
Jennie McGrath, "Allegiance" (gen; Time of Innocence universe)
Jennie McGrath, "Reasons" (gen; Time of Innocence universe)
Jennie McGrath, "Homecoming" (A/B & Ta/V; Time of Innocence universe)
Lynne Franklin, "Path of Gold" (A/B, sequel to Bed of Sand)
Isis, "The Haunting" (A/B)
A. Reese and J. Elf, "And We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun" (gen)
Jenifer Huszcza, "Death of a Friend" (gen)
Sandra Basham, "A Private Revolution" (gen)
Leslie Marshall, "Hearts and Flowers" (Ta/V)
Frankie Lyndon, "The Cost of Survivial" (gen, Linkage universe)
Cami, "Weighty Concerns" (gen, Never Practical universe)
Mouse, "Old Customs, Present Considerations" (A/B)
Isis, "A Coupla Revolutionaries Sittin' Around Talkin'" (A/B)
A.M.L., "Flights of Fancy" (Ta/V)
Sandra Basham, "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream" (A/B)
Kai Aurelius, "Prisoners: The Shattering" (A/Ta)
Frankie Lyndon, "The Lonely of Heart" (A/V, Linkage universe)
Leslie Marshall, "Last Dance" (A/B)
Commatose, "Enterprising Exercise" (adult; A/C, B/J, C/J/V)
Evi L'Influence, "Remember Me" (Ta/V)
Leslie Marshall, "First Dance" (A/B, sequel to Last Dance)
Frankie Lyndon, "Crossroads" (A/V, Linkage universe)
Leslie Marshall, "Exile, Take Two" (B/Ta)
Mary Jane Smith, "He/She" (adult; A/So)
S. Lewis, "Eye of the Beholder" (A/B, Legends universe)
Sandra Basham, "No Rest for the Wicked" (gen)
Isis, "I Dreamed Last Night" (A/B)
Cami, "The Darkling Torrent" (gen, Legends universe)
Cami, "One Man Backup Team" (Ta/V)
Illne Vertell, "Just One Wish" (A/V)
Illne Vertell, "Through the Looking Glass" (A/Ta/V)
S. Lewis, "Stop and Smell the Roses" (A/B, Legends universe)
Cami, "Season of Madness" (gen)
Isis, "The Birthday Chronicles" (A/B)
Teri White, "Like a Lamb to the Slaughter" (gen)
Cami, "A Time for Healing" (gen)
S. Lewis, "Night Talk" (A/B, Legends universe)
S. Lewis, "It's the Thought That Counts" (A/B, Legends universe)
Isis, "A Season of Pleasure, A Season of Pain" (A/B, Ta/oc)
Evi L'Influence, "Tell Me a Story" (A/B)
Isis, "Epilogue" (A/B)
Jennie McGrath, "The Pach" (Ta/V, A/B)
Evi L'Influence, "Sleeping Arrangements" (Ta/V, A/B)
Jennie McGrath, "Sins of the Past" (Ta/V, A/B)
The Gang of Four, "Dark Cottage of the Soul" (Ta/V, A/B)


Cami, "Gauda Prime Limerick"
Angela Reese, "Servalan's Inspection is Here" (f, Santa Claus is Coming to Town)
Angela Reese, "Wake Up, C'mon Vila" (f, Wake Up, Little Susie)
Teri White, "guest of honor"
Cami, "Power Is My Lover"
Angela Reese, "Jennie's Birthday Filk" (f, Hosannah from J. C.S.)
Angela Reese, "Two Filks" (f, Bicycle Built for Two, O Christmas Tree)
Angela Reese, "Our Hero, Vila" (f, Jingle Bells)
Angela Reese, "Another Day in the Nuthouse" (f, Glocca Morra)
Angela Reese, "Reunion on Gauda Prime" (f, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer)
Angela Reese, "Travis' Plan" (f, Bella Notte)
Elf, "Hail to Thee, Girthy Revolutionary Hero" (f, Ode to Joy)
Angela Reese, "Once Upon a Time, There Was a Hero.." (f, Those Were the Days)
Angela Reese, "Tarrant, The Cute Young Rebel" (f, Rudolph the
Red-nosed Reindeer)
Angela Reese, "A Sandbox Built for Two" (f, Bicycle Built for Two)
Angela Reese, "Roj Blake, the Rebel" (f, Frosty, the Snowman)
Teri White, "hero"