Sue Wells and Dee BeetemFirst DibsPOWER #2S1; B/J, G/J, A/C, C/V US, 1990
Lillian FilsPrioritiesVOICES FROM THE PRESENT #1S2; C/V, B/J US, 1988.9
Narrelle M. HarrisReunions-- Part TwoPHOENIX #3Phoenix series; C/V AU, 1985?
Edwina HarveyDream FastingCHRONICLES #47S4; dream C/V AU, 1991.4
Cathy HeatherleyIt Takes Three...HORIZON NEWSLETTER #12S3-4; uc C/V nl; UK, 1984
Alicia Ann FoxRumours with a ViewSOUTHERN SEVEN #5, vol. 1alt-S3, alt-Rumours; A/Anna, C/V US, 1989.7
Roxie RayThe Best MedicineDR. BELLFRIAR'S MEMORIAL JOURNAL #4S3; V-hc, C/V US, 1990
Roxie RayA Friend in NeedFORGOTTEN SEVENFriend in Need series; S4, post-Sand; So/V, past uc C/V US, 1990
Stuart Tideswell'May You Die Alone and Silent' Untrue Reprise: A Love Song for Inner RomanticsVILAWORLD NEWSLETTER #23story and long poem; S4, Rescue; A-C death, uc C/V nl; UK, 1986.12
K. Rae TraversPlease Don't AskTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #9sequel to "Kai" in #2; S2; C/V, V/ocf US, 1995.5

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