Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

This zine is devoted to the less popular characters of B7, namely anyone other than Blake, Avon, Vila, Cally, and Servlan! The fiction features, in order, Travis (the editor's fave), Tarrant (her second fave-- but I don't think he'd qualify as a "forgotten" character today!), Soolin, Jenna, Gan, and some of the guest characters. Dayna doesn't star in any of the stories, but a couple of poems are devoted to her.

As usual it's hard to choose a favorite story, but I do especially like Leokadija's ironically titled "Happy Ending," which is actually an angsty death story for Gan. On the smut front, Roxie Ray's series develops a nice Vila/Soolin relationship, which is amusingly parodied in Anne Collins Smith's story. Ros Williams's tale of how the Liberator crew is psychoanalyzed by Carnell is also very funny. Both "Paradigmatic Duplicity" and "Crossroads" postulate encounters between Travis and Tarrant back in their Space Command days; "Duplicity" gives Tarrant a special relationship with Servalan.

Recommended for fans of any of these characters. I think the zine is out of print, but used copies can be found with a little searching.


Editor: Teresa Ward
Publisher: Clever Trevor Press (Morristown, TN)
Date: [1990]

Leokadija, "Debt and Obsession" (S0-1-2; Tr)
C. K. Smith, "Paradigmatic Duplicity" (S2; Voice; Tr, Ta)
Cami, "Crossroads" (S0; Tr-Ta)
Lorna Breshears, "Truce" (S4; Ta-V)
Peggy Hartsook, "Pilot of the Storm" (S5; Ta)
Leigh Moto'oka, "Certainties" (S3; Ta)
Teresa Ward, "A Difference of One" (alt-S4; Ta-Zeeona) Roxie Ray, "A Friendship Begins" (Friend in Need universe; S4; So-V)
Roxie Ray, "A Friend in Need" (Friend in Need universe; S4; post-Sand; So/V, past uc C/V)
Rebecca Reeves, "Friends" (S0; So-Kerril)
Anne Collins Smith, "Stiff Competition" (Roxie Ray's Friend in Need universe; S4; So/V, So-Kerril; humor)
Lorna Breshears, "Deluge, or, 'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night" (S1; J)
Jenny Gallagher, "Streets of Forbes" (S4; post-Blake; J)
Eugenie Nicholas, "Jenna's True Love" (S2; post-Hostage; J)
Lorna Breshears, "Breakthrough" (S1; J; A-hc)
Leokadija, "A Happy Ending" (S2; post-Pressure Point; G)
Anne Collins Smith, "London Calling" (S1; post-Cygnus Alpha; Nova & London crew)
Ros Williams, "What If...?" (S2; Carnell; humor)
Rebecca Reeves, "Considering" (S1; Nova)

Teresa Ward, "The Obligatory Editorial and Credit Where Credit Is Due Page"
"Fanfic Presents: Super Avon" (humor)

Lorna Breshears, "Cyclops" (Tr)
Michael J. Macomber, "The Pain" (Tr)
Leigh Moto'oka, "Reflections: Terminal/Gauda Prime" (Ta)
Angela Reese, "Travis' Plan" (f, Bella Notte)
Michael J. Macomber, "For Deeta" (Ta)
Lorna Breshears, "The Middle Man" (Tr)
Lorna Breshears, "Barnstormer" (Ta)
Angela Reese, "I Saw Tarrant Kissing Servalan" (f, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)
Melissa Mastoris, "Musings and Choices" (So)
Lorna Breshears, "Lost Huntress" (D)
Michael J. Macomber, "Redemption: For Dayna"
Derrin, "Metamorphosis" (Tr)
Michael J. Macomber, "The Wall: A Memory" (Se)
Melissa Mastoris, "Deeta's Last Thoughts"
Melissa Mastoris, "The Deathwatch"
Michael J. Macomber, "Vinni"
Michael J. Macomber, "Deva"
Angela Reese, "The Tarrant Confusion" (f, The Rainbow Connection"

Leigh Moto'oka front c. Ta; illo for "Crossroads"
p. 32 Se-Ta; illo for "Paradig."
p. 80 Ta/Zeeona
p. 92 So-V; illo for "A Friend"
p. 98 cartoon illo for "Stiff"
p. 122 G
p. 139 Carnell; cartoon illo for "What If...?"
inside back c. Super Avon cartoon
back c. Clever Trevor Press logo (Ta-faced locomotive)
Lorrie Jones p. 17 Tr2
p. 51 Ta
Adrian Morgan p. 19 Tr-Se cartoon
p. 47 Tr-Kiera cartoon
Derrin p. 20 Tr1
p. 33 Tr1
p. 42 Tr2
p. 48 Ta
p. 60 Ta-D
p. 76 Ta
p. 81 Ta
p. 119 Se
p. 125 Ta
Kate Knepper p. 66 Ta
p. 96 So
p. 100 D
p. 117 J

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