Robert AriesI Suppose it Was InevitableALTERNATIVE SEVEN #1C/V UK, 1978?
Natasha BarryFound WantingRESISTANCE #5A/B, B/J, A/C, A/V, C/V, A/O US, 1991
London BatesDoing TimeBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #2A/ocms, A/B/V threeway, B/J, C/V, B/Se AU, 1986
Mara Calahan & Crystal AdamsSharingSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #2.5C/V US, 1986
CommatoseEnterprising ExerciseTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/C, B/J, V/C & J; humor US, 1993
Cathy ConradWho's Possessed?THE LAUGHING MUTOID #2A/C, C/V; humor US, 1989
Cathy ConradAmagon NightsTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #2female A/Ta, male C/female V, female A/male C; humor US, 1989
Ty DownsCally's FriendsAQUATAR #2A/C/V threeway US, 1990
EosAnd I Shall Fear No DarknessQUICKSILVER RISING #1C/V UK, 1984
Alicia Ann FoxZipperTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S1; C/V; humor UK, 2000.3
T. S. GrimmerShared NookieSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5C/Ta & V US, 1996
Cynthia HelosNew PathsQUICKSILVER RISING #3C/V UK, 1985
Kathy MoranRed Queen, Black QueenFORBIDDEN STARG/J, A/C, B/J, C/V UK, 1995
Madelyn Darring (=Jeff Morris)Sisters of the MoonVILA, PLEASE!V/ocfs, D/ocf, C/V US, 1988?
Mal O'DarI Should've Known BetterVILA, PLEASE!C/V US, 1988?
Pete and RepeteTotally Weird ZoneAQUATAR #1A/C, A/Se, Se/V, C/V, B/Se, B/J; humor US, 1988
Pete and RePeteTWZ III: Caro's CampaignAQUATAR #2A/C, A/O, O/Z, C/V, B/Se, Totally Weird Zone, humor US, 1990
Silver ReedLife-SaverQUICKSILVER RISING #1C/V US, 1984
Aida St. DummontDiscoveriesAVON CALLING IA/C/V threeway US, 1990
Jacklin ScottA Credit for Your ThoughtsSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5C/V US, 1993
Willa ShakespeareBeggars Can't Be ChoosersSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5sequel to "An Embarrassment of Riches" in DIVERSE DOINGS #2 [mm; US, 1998.5]; S3; implied A/Ta, uc C/D/V US, 1999.5
Henrietta Street9/10ths of the LawSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5C/V US, 1991
Barbara TennisonAftereffectsSOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #2.5C/V US, 1986
Pat TerraBrillianceAVON CALLING IIIA/B, A/V, C/V US, 1994
Various Perpetrators (Orac, Andrea, Malissa, Misha, Alicia Ann Fox, Steve Rogerson, Ivor Brian Gunn, Ellie, Deborah, Susan, Cami, Twisted Sister, Calle, Alara, Helen, Sandy, Harriet, Robert, Christabel, Alison)The Black Round RobinTALES FROM SPACE CITYscript; AU; A/Susan, A/Ta, G/Ta, C/Ta, A/C, V/Avalon, C/V, implied D/V, implied D/Og, B/J, A/B, implied J/V, implied B/V, A/Og, Andrea/Tom Paris; humor UK, 1998.10
W. K. D. WaysSex and Sensibility: An (Im)Morality TaleSOUTHERN COMFORT #8.5Im US, 1994
Ros WilliamsLiberator LiberatedLAIDBACK SEVEN #5C/V, B/J, C/ocm, G/ocf, J/ocm, Se/V, B/ocf, uc A/Tr, etc. UK

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