Cally/original character, male

Ash BrookA Point of HonorRAISING HELL #1S1; C/ocm US, 1988.10
Sharon EckmanThese Our ActorsTHE WEB #1late S3; A-C-ocm, C/ocm UK, 1986
James PerkinsShadowplayRAISING HELL #2S2; C/ocm; sequel to "A Point of Honor" by Ash Brook in #1 US, 1988
Siane Rhys [=Leigh Arnold?]CAvaLLrY Too LateMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #5S5; A-C, C/ocm US, 1988.2
Lee VibberDanielRAISING HELL #4S1; C/ocm; A/C US, 1991
Lee VibberRegretGAMBIT #11S3; A-C; C/ocm US, 1994.3


Ros WilliamsSeek and Ye Shall FindAVON SPECIALS3; Carnell-Thaarn, uc C/Thaarn, Carnell/ocf, A-V-C UK, 1998

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