Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I only have #1; the information on the other two issues is from descriptions in the Horizon newsletter.

The zine is not, strictly speaking, a Horizon publication but rather a private publication of Horizon president Diane Gies. Sharon Eckman and Harry Eckman are her siblings.

#1, the only one I've read, is surprisingly close to an adult zine, particularly the second story, in which a male crewmember is to be chosen as a stud for a woman from a planet whose males are sterile. I do think the selection of Avon (after a flirtation with Vila) in this case was illogical; surely, if it were for purely biological purposes, Tarrant would be a better bet! He must have a far higher sperm count, judging purely on the basis of age. Most sperm banks won't accept donations from men over 40, and some have an age limit of 35. And donors in their early 20s are considered the ideal. (I wonder whether teenagers would be even better, or whether there are biological as well as legal reasons for preferring adult males? In women, although pregnancy in the teens is certainly possible, it's considered preferable medically as well as socially to wait until one is fully grown; but the consideration of being fit enough to carry a pregnancy to term without bad effects wouldn't apply to males.)

There's even a brief glimpse of Avon in flagrante with the ocf, and if this zine weren't being marketed by Horizon as a gen zine, I'd at least consider rating it as adult. But my major criterion (though not the only one) for distinguishing between gen and adult is what the publisher thinks it is.


Editor/publisher: Diane Gies (North Wembley, Middlesex)
Date: [1986]

Sharon Eckman, "These Our Actors" (late S3; A-C-ocm, C/ocm)
Jackie Ophir, based on idea by Diane Gies, "The Alternative Rescue" (alt-S4, alt-Rescue; uc V/ocf, A/ocf)

Harry Eckman front c. "The Web" logo
Jo Jobson front c. A-C-ocm; illo for "These Our Actors"
p. 45 C
p. 85 A/ocf; illo "Alternative Rescue"
back c. A-V-ocf; illo for "Alternative Rescue"
Tim Pieraccini p. 33 Ta; illo for "These"
p. 66 V-ocf; illo for "Alternative Rescue"
Janette Harris p. 45 V


Editor/publisher: Diane Gies (North Wembley, Middlesex)
Date: 1993

Sharon Eckman, "The Truth Untold" (S4)
Sharon Eckman, based on idea by Diane Gies, "By Any Other Name 2: The Sequel" (S3; spoof of ST ep of that name; humor)

Harry Eckman
Fliss Davies


Seas of God (novella by Sharon Eckman; DS9 crossover; S3)
Editor/publisher: Diane Gies (North Wembley, Middlesex)
Date: 1995

Susan Pardue Front cover Liberator, DS9
Tim Pieraccini p17 V-Quark
p22 D-Bashir
p60 C-Sisko
p87 A-Kira

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