Editor: Leigh Arnold
Publisher: Pony Press (Van Nuys, CA)
Date: February 1988

Leigh Arnold and Sue Glasgow, "A Wonderful Day in a One-Way World" (S5)
Mary Gerstner, "Thread of Sanity" (S5)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "Best Laid Plans" (S5; part 4 of ?)
Siane Rhys, "CAvaLLrY Too Late" (S5; A-C, C/ocm)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Ashes to Ashes" (S5; Trophy universe; B-Se; B as mutoid)
L. S. Willard, "Reparation" (S5)
Genn Eccles, "Desperado" (S5)
Alicia Ann Fox, "A, B, and C" (S5; V/Kerril)
Kathy Martin and Colette Bolech, "Echoes in the Darkness" (S5)
Leigh Arnold, "Post Gaudy Print Blues" (S5; Flake's Seven universe; humor)

Alicia Ann Fox & Holly Hutchison, "Fade to Black" (f, Goodnight Saigon, by Billy Joel)
?, "There's a mirror in your eyes..."

Non Fiction:
Leigh Arnold, Editorial
Leigh Arnold & Sue Glasgow, photo captions, pp. 39, 94, 239 (humor)
"Lawsuit from the offices of Arnold, Glasgow & Spadotto" (humor)
Assorted lightbulb jokes (humor)
"For Sale" ad (humor)

? cover A-B on GP
Mary Gerstner p. 37 A-V
Holly Hutchison p. 78 C
Lynne A. Witten p. 82 A, B, Liberator
Shann p. 180 A
p. 194 B
Mary Robertson p. 216 A, V
Tei Ruki p. 225 illo for "Echoes"
Leigh Arnold p. vi cartoon
p. 236 cartoon illo for "Post"

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