Editor: Jean Graham
Publisher: Peacock Press
Date: March, 1994

Jean B. Hubb, "Foolish Things" (S1)
Lorna Breshears, "The Tell-Tale Heart" (reprinted from
The Liberator's Log (newsletter of the Cygnus Alphans); S2; humor)
Maddog, "Softly Comes the End" (S2; A-V)
Judith Seaman, "The First Dance After Freedom" (S2; A)
Nancy Dziergowski, "Gambit Revisited" (S2; Gambit; A-V)
Jean Graham, "Of Renegades and Kings" (alt-S2; A)
Sondra Sweigman, "Par for the Curse" (sequel to "Aftermath: Blake's Story;" S3; B)
Leslie Boucher, "The Power of Suggestion" (S3; A-hc)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Factions" (alt-S3; B)
Lee Vibber, "Regret" (S3; A-C; C/ocm)
Alice Aldridge, "Queen's Gambit" (part 3 of 3; alt-S3; J/Tr)
Alan Moravian, "Rest in Peace" (S3; Se-Tr)
Helen Parkinson, "First Catch Your Torturer" (S3; Rumours)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Promises Kept" (alt-S3)
Melanie Chinen, "Blood Ties" (S3; Ta-hc, A-Ta)
Helen Parkinson, "The Bait in the Trap" (S4; Rescue; A-B)
Dayle F. Palmer, "Servalan's Demise" (alt-S4; A-Se)
Lorna Breshears, "Understudy" (alt-S4, alt-Rescue; So)
Alan Moravian, "Better to Reign in Hell" (S4; A)
Patti E. McClellan, "Orbital Decay" (alt-S4; post-Orbit)
Kelson Vibber, "Return to Action" (S5)
Patti E. McClellan, "Not Entirely Human" (sequel to "Deliver Us From Heroes" in #4; S5; Ta)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Inheritor" (S5; A/So)
Catherine Kendall, "Too Much Love Can Kill You" (Xiaodan series; S5)
Rebecca Donahue, "Full Circle" (sequel to "Truth and Consequences" in #4; S5)
Cheufell Doshier, "Vila's Tall Tale II: Snow WHite and the Seven Blakes" (S5; humor)

Jean Graham, "Editorial Stuff"
S. R. Mowatt, "B7 Word Search" (puzzle)
S. R. Mowatt, "B7 Quotes Crossword" (puzzle)
Nancy Dziergowski, "Comparisons" (A-B; humor)
Puzzle answers
Letters of Comment
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Jacqui Topp, "Open Leter to an Idealist"
Jackie Black, "The Cause"
Jackie Black, "Vila"
Catherine Salmon, "Idealist"
Jackie Black, "Lost Child"
Catherine Salmon, "The Ties that Bind"
Catherine Salmon, "Trust"
Catherine Salmon, "Sacrifices of War"
Jacqui Topp, "The Promise (Star One)"
Jacqui Topp, "Farewell"
Jackie Black, "Adversaries"
Jacqui Topp, "Return to Darkness"
Jackie Black, "La Danse Macabre"
Catherine Salmon, "Annihilation"
Jackie Black, "Lament for a Lost Love"
Catherine Salmon, "Destiny"
Jackie Black, "Haunted Eyes"

Lucia Casarella Moore front c. "The Thorns in My Side" (A, B, Se)
p. 172 A
p. 216a "And Then There Was One" (A in Horizon)
p. 265 A-B
p. 277 V-Kerril
Jean B. Hubb p. 7 illo for "Foolish"
p. 10 illo for "Foolish"
Shari L. Kay p. 14 A
p. 57 B
Val Westall p. 17 A
p. 20 A-B; illo for "First Dance"
p. 22 illo for "First Dance"
p. 24 A-B; illo for "First Dance"
p. 27 A; illo for "First Dance"
p. 31 A-B; illo for "First Dance"
p. 33 A-B; illo for "First Dance"
p. 38 A-B
p. 43 A-J; illo for "Of Ren."
p. 45 A-B; illo for "Of Ren."
p. 46 A, C, V; illo for "Of Ren."
p. 48 A; illo for "Of Ren."
p. 49 A; illo for "Of Ren."
p. 61 A in Rumours
p. 63 A
p. 66 A-V; illo for "The Power"
p. 69 A; illo for "The Power"
p. 75 A
p. 79 A-Ta
p. 90 A
p. 131 A
p. 139 A; illo for "First"
p. 152 A
p. 165 A
p. 170 A
p. 179 A
p. 181 A
p. 182 A; illo for "Return"
p. 187 A
p. 189 A
p. 193 A
p. 208 Ta
p. 255 A
p. 263 A
pp. 266-272 "Avon" (art portfolio)
Michael Williams p. 54 J?
p. 159 A
p. 167 A
p. 244 V?
p. 249 A
p. 280 A
S. R. Mowatt p. 82 C
p. 107 Se
back c. Ta
Jacqui Topp p. 199 Ta
p. 263 V
Catherine Kendall p. 219 ocf; illo for "Too Much"
p. 231 ocm; illo for "Too Much"
Denise Loague p. 225 Ta; illo for "Too Much"
Cheufell Doshier pp. 257-261 cartoon illos for "Vila's Tall Tale"

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