AltairTonightLIBERATOR FANTASIESS3, post-Ultraworld; A/Ta US, 1998
AndreaInsideFORBIDDEN STAR #2S5; A/Ta UK, 1997.12
AndreaTransmissionSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S4, post-Sand; A/Ta US, 1999.5
Kai AureliusPrisoners: The ShatteringTHE BIG B7 ZINES3, post-Rumours; A/Ta US, 1993
Natasha BarryHaunting AvonBLAKE, RABBLE & ROLL #2A/B, A/Ta US, 1990
London BatesNearly Beloved/RogueTHE UNIQUE TOUCHS5; A/Ta, A/B, B/Ta mm; UK, 1985
Erika BloomReparationsFANTASTIC FANTASIESS4, post-Headhunter; A/Ta mm; US, 1999
Leslie BoucherReturn to LifeREBEL DESIRES #1A/Ta, A/V US, 1995
CaeVyeAvalon-- the Silly VersionTALES FROM SPACE CITYS4; A/Se/Ta UK, 1998.10
Riley CannonB/A/TsSONGS OF EXPERIENCES5; A/B/Ta threeway US, 1994
Riley CannonUnder the InfluenceSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S3-S5; A/Ta US, 1999.5
Riley Cannon & Cami O'ToolQuest for FireREBEL DESIRES #1A/Ta US, 1995
CamiStrange InterludeAQUATAR #2A/Ta US, 1990
Carol K.DreamTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; dream A/B, dream A/Se, dream A/C, A/Ta UK, 1998.10
CassandraCelebrating LifeSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/Ta/V threeway US, 1993
CassandraA Chance You Have to TakeREBEL DESIRES #1A/Ta US, 1995
CassandraA Chance You Have to TakeREBEL DESIRES #1S3; A/Ta US, 1995
CassandraNightmaresNOTHING TO HIDEsequel to "A Chance You Have to Take;" S3; A/Ta mm; DE, 1998.7
Cathy ConradBrawn Before BrainsTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #2A/Ta US, 1989
Cathy ConradAmagon NightsTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #2female A/Ta, male C/female V, female A/male C; humor US, 1989
Vic CoopersTerms of Reasons WhyLIBERATOR FANTASIESS4, Warlord; uc A/Ta US, 1998
Susan CutterAnniversaryDIVERSE DOINGSA/Ta mm; US, 1997
Susan CutterPresentDIVERSE DOINGS #3sequel to "Anniverary" in #1; S3; A/Ta mm; US, 1998.11
Susan CutterPresentMAY KING S4; uc D/Ta, Ta/ocfs, D/ocms, D/ocf, V/ocf, D/V, dream A/D, dream D/Lauren, dream D/Ta, dream A/So/Ta, So/ocm, Ta/ocm, A/ocm, A/Ta; US, 1998.11)
Drew FlynnAnd Then There Was OneRESISTANCE #8A/Ta US, 1994
Dorian GaleBondsmateSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/Ta US, 1991
Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow)The GauntletOBLAQUERA/Ta US, 1989
Grennen Barrett (=A. L. Hughes)Black Leather and StudOBLAQUERTa/Avon's glove US, 1989
Leigh Graham (=A. L. Hughes)LeitmotifOBLAQUERA/Ta; The Sisterhood Trilogy II US, 1989
HennekeCoughLIBERATOR FANTASIESS4; A/Ta; humor US, 1998
Julia HenryThe Diamond PrinceTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S3, Aftermath; uc A/D, A/Ta; humor UK, 2000.3
IrishBattle FatigueLIBERATOR FANTASIESS4; A-hc, A/Ta US, 1998
Pat JacquerieDutySOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/Ta US, 1996
Pat JacquerieA Marketable CommodityDARK FANTASIES #4A/Ta mm; US, 1996
[Pat JacquerieNo Introduction NeededDARK FANTASIES #5B; same universe as "A Marketable Commodity" in Dark Fantasies 4 US, 1997
JennerMemoriesSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S3- S2, post-Trial- S5; A/Ta, A/B US, 1999.5
Linda Knights [?]MemoriesRETURNED FAVORS reprinted from unknown zine; A/Ta; US, 1997)
Erica LeonardA Helping HandMAGNIFICENT TAILS, TOOA/Ta US, 1989
Jane MailanderThe Pilot's TailOBLAQUE SEXTUSA/Ta US, 1993
MistralMice and MenSOUTHERN COMFORT #7.5A/Ta etc. US, 1993
MishaSalvageLIBERATOR FANTASIESalt-S2, alt-Countdown; Ta-hc, A/Ta, past A/Anna, past A/Del Grant US, 1998
Sean Charles (=Brendan O'Cullane)DeltaAQUATAR #1Ta/V, A/Ta, A/V 1988
Mal O'DarSub-ductionAVON, ANYONE?A/Ta US, 1987?
Mal O'DarSuch a Stupid WasteAVON, ANYONE?A/Ta US, 1987?
ORACxLFireworksTHE BIG B7 ZINED/Ta, A/Ta US, 1993
PaulaStress FactorsSOUTHERN COMFORT #4.75A/Ta; sequel to The Bondstone US, 1988
PaulaChange of PaceAVON CALLING IIA/Ta US, 1991
PaulaNightmusicSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/Ta US, 1991
PaulaNightsongsSOUTHERN COMFORT #9.5A/Ta; sequel to "Nightmusic" in #6.5 US, 1996
PaulaNight DiscordSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5sequel to "Nightsongs" in #9.5; alt- S3; A/Ta US, 1999.5
PredatrixDear DiaryTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S5; A/Ta, A/B, Ta/V; humor UK, 2000.3
Trinity PawlingEngagementDARK FANTASIES #3S4; A/Ta mm; US, 1995
Corona PolvanthusInstruments of DarknessDARK FANTASIES #3S5; A/Ta mm; US, 1995
Margaret PitcherA Fate Worse Than DeathBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #8A/Ta AU, 1992
RandymCommitmentSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5A/Ta US, 1991
Randym & CamiCompanionsAVON CALLING IIIA/Ta; sequel to "Strange Interlude" by Cami in ACQUATAR #2 US, 1994
Lexa ReissScorpio Blues, and GreenTEN-CREDIT TOUCHA & V/Ta US, 1993
Susan RiazTo Live Despite RegretsFORBIDDEN STAR #2sequel to a gen story, "All That Remains Is Regrets" in STAR THREE; S5; A/Ta UK, 1997.12
Susan RiazFuture AmbitionsFORBIDDEN STAR #2S5; uc A/Ta, A/B UK, 1997.12
SalomeBlood and ShadowsDARK FANTASIES #2A/Ta, Se/Ta mm; US, 1994
[Willa ShakespeareGremlinRESISTANCE #8gen US, 1994
Willa ShakespeareGetting LuckyRESISTANCE #8A/Ta, sequel to "Gremlin" US, 1994
Willa ShakespeareGetting LuckyCOMA AVON NIGHTS or Kiss of the Avon Lady slash and adult; S3; O/Z, A/C, B/J, A/B, A/V, V/ocfs, A/D, A/G, A/Lauren, A/Ta, J/V, D/Ta, A/J, A/Tr, J/Tr, A/Se, G/The Incredible Hulk, D/Se/V, A/Anna; humor)
Willa ShakespeareAn Embarrassment of RichesDIVERSE DOINGS #2S3; A/Ta mm; US, 1998.5
Willa ShakespeareLife WatchDIVERSE DOINGS #2S3, post-Deathwatch; A/Ta mm; US, 1998.5
Willa ShakespeareMind GamesDIVERSE DOINGS #2S3; A/Ta mm; US, 1998.5
Willa ShakespeareBeggars Can't Be ChoosersSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5sequel to "An Embarrassment of Riches" in DIVERSE DOINGS #2 [mm; US, 1998.5]; S3; implied A/Ta, uc C/D/V US, 1999.5
Willa ShakespeareDon't Get Me WrongSOUTHERN COMFORT #10.5S3; A/Ta; humor US, 1999.5
Willa ShakespeareThe Turning of the WormSOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5S3; Ta/V, A/Ta/V US, 1999.5
Willa ShakespearePet ProjectSOUTHERN COMFORT #11.5S3; uc A/Ta, moon disc/sopron US, 1999.5
Kate SingerHide and SeekEVASIVE MANEUVERSpost-A/B A/Ta US, 1994
Henrietta StreetPride Goeth BeforeFORBIDDEN ZONE #3A/Ta US
Winona SymondsThe Nature of the BeastAVON CALLING ITa/V, A/Ta, A/V US, 1990
Mitzi Tick and Felicia AdamsPath of ThornsLIBERATOR FANTASIESS5; Ta-hc, brief A/Ta, Ta/V US, 1998
Twisted SisterLeadershipLIBERATOR FANTASIESS3; A/Ta; humor US, 1998
Various Perpetrators (Orac, Andrea, Malissa, Misha, Alicia Ann Fox, Steve Rogerson, Ivor Brian Gunn, Ellie, Deborah, Susan, Cami, Twisted Sister, Calle, Alara, Helen, Sandy, Harriet, Robert, Christabel, Alison)The Black Round RobinTALES FROM SPACE CITYscript; AU; A/Susan, A/Ta, G/Ta, C/Ta, A/C, V/Avalon, C/V, implied D/V, implied D/Og, B/J, A/B, implied J/V, implied B/V, A/Og, Andrea/Tom Paris; humor UK, 1998.10
Illne VertellThrough the Looking GlassTHE BIG B7 ZINEA/Ta/V threeway US, 1993

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