Jean Graham'T' (The Ultimate Slash Story)AVON'S GADGET WORKSThe Ultimate Slash Story US
KerrvertEverybody Gets It in the EndSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/B, G/V, C/J, O/Z; humor US, 1990
Pete and RePeteTWZ III: Caro's CampaignAQUATAR #2A/C, A/O, O/Z, C/V, B/Se, Totally Weird Zone, AU humor US, 1990
Willa ShakespeareTWZ III: Caro's CampaignCOMA AVON NIGHTS or Kiss of the Avon Lady slash and adult; S3; O/Z, A/C, B/J, A/B, A/V, V/ocfs, A/D, A/G, A/Lauren, A/Ta, J/V, D/Ta, A/J, A/Tr, J/Tr, A/Se, G/The Incredible Hulk, D/Se/V, A/Anna; humor)
Liz SharpeParts is PartsFORBIDDEN STARO/Z; humor UK, 1995
SoniaUp in (Blue) SmokeSOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5Blue US, 1991

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