?Sand in the SheetsAVON CALLING IA/D, So/V US, 1990
Aurora BorealisAnd Another Fine MessMAGNIFICENT TAILS, TOOA/D US, 1989
Susan CutterA DreamTALES FROM SPACE CITY1997 Labor Day Party story; S4; dream implied A/So, dream implied A/D, dream So/ocs, dream D/topiary bear UK, 1998.10
Susan CutterA DreamMAY KING S4; uc D/Ta, Ta/ocfs, D/ocms, D/ocf, V/ocf, D/V, dream A/D, dream D/Lauren, dream D/Ta, dream A/So/Ta, So/ocm, Ta/ocm, A/ocm, A/Ta; US, 1998.11)
Alicia Ann FoxVi et ArmisDEADLIER THAN THE MALES3; A/D US, 1997
Calle DybedahlSpacerebels of GorTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2alt-S3; uc A/D, J/V, Ta/ocm, Se/Ta, D/V; humor UK, 2000.3
Julia HenryThe Diamond PrinceTALES FROM SPACE CITY #2S3, Aftermath; uc A/D, A/Ta; humor UK, 2000.3
Her and Me!!The Short StrawE-MAN-UELLE #2Ta/V, A/D/So; humor UK
Linda KnightsInvitationsSOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5A/C/D threeway US, 1990
Janet KraggWelcome to the LiberatorBLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #1A/D AU, 1986
Kathy MoranThe Birds and the BeesFORBIDDEN STARA/D UK, 1995
Mal O'DarA Lesson in StealthAVON, ANYONE?A/D US, 1987?
Margaret PitcherIf Wishes Were...BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #5A/D AU, 1988
Willa ShakespeareIf Wishes Were...COMA AVON NIGHTS or Kiss of the Avon Lady slash and adult; S3; O/Z, A/C, B/J, A/B, A/V, V/ocfs, A/D, A/G, A/Lauren, A/Ta, J/V, D/Ta, A/J, A/Tr, J/Tr, A/Se, G/The Incredible Hulk, D/Se/V, A/Anna; humor)
Twisted SisterA Challenging ExperimentSTRAIGHT BLAKE'S #3A/D US, 1996

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