Emma AbrahamShattered PhoenixB7 COMPLEX #13S5; parts 1 and 2; parts 3 and 4 are in TIME DISTORT #2; Se/Carnell US, 1988.1

Servalan/Don Keller

Joan HoffmanNothing But the ThornPOWERPLAY #4S0; Se/Don Keller US, 1989.1
Aya KatzThe LessonPOWER #1S0; Se/Don Keller US, 1989
Debbie SearsPower Became My LoverTIME DISTORT #2prequel to stories by Emma Abraham; S0; Se/Don Keller US, 1984

Servalan/original character, male

Moira DahlbergPolitics Make the Strangest BedmatesCHRONICLES #54listed on title page as "Politics Makes the Strangest Bedfellows;" sequel to "Marcus Samson and the Orabanda Dragon" by Greg Dales [=Moira Dahlberg] in BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4 [adult and slash; AU, 1987]; S4; real world crossover; Se/ocm AU, 1993.10
Leigh GrahamEmbers to AshesAVON THE TERRIBLES0-S5; Se/ocm; female A clone; A-hc US, 1990
Cindy RancourtPost-MortemDR. BELLFRIAR'S MEMORIAL JOURNAL #2S5; Se/ocm, A/Se US, 1989
Ann K. SchwaderWhite GlovesRAISING HELL #4S0; Se/ocm US, 1991

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