Editors: Deborah M. Walsh and Laurie Cohen
Publisher: Pursuit Press (Malden, MA)
Date: January 1988

Alicia Ann Fox, "Meeting Point" (S2)
Jeff Morris, "Moonlighting" (S2; J; humor)
April Giordano and Mary Gerstner, "Soma This, Soma That" (S2; humor)
Julie A Nowak, "Dance Hall Daze" (S3; Black and White Blakes 7 universe; humor)
Cindy Henry, "Link" (S3; Terminal; C)
Jean L. Stevenson, "Death's Company" (S4)
Mary Robertson, "Intruder" (S4)
Jeanne DeVore, "Ghosts" (S4; A-C)
Celeste Hotaling, "The Matchmaker" (S4; humor)
Sheila Paulson, "Relatively Speaking" (S4; alt-Orbit; sequel to "Paternity Suite" in Return of the Seven #2)
Kim Wigmore, "Split Fountain" (S4; B7/DW etc. crossover)
Mary Gerstner, "Shadows" (S4; A-C)
Emma Abraham, "Shattered Phoenix" (S5; parts 1 and 2; parts 3 and 4 are in Time Distort #2; Se/Carnell)
Sue Wells, "If This Be Madness" (S5)
Carole Bede, "Condor" (S5; So)
Jean Graham, "Mirage" (S5; Mirage 2)

Non Fiction:
Deb Walsh, "B7 Complex Q & A" (editorial)
Celeste Hotaling, "The Wild Child's Guide to the Kiss of Death" (cartoons; humor)
Deb Walsh, "Personal Statement" (re: bootlegging)
"About our contributors"
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"You are receiving this zine because..."

Mary Robertson, "Legend" (A/Meegat)
Jacqueline Taero, "Pieta"
Pat Nussman, "Dark Mirror"
Jacqueline Taero, "Awakening"
Kim Wigmore, "Lady Anna" (f)
Jacqueline Taero, "Cally's Lament"
Jacqueline Taero, "Grace of Silence"

Deborah M. Walsh front c. "Triptych I" (A, C, Se, Anna)
p. 10 A, Meegat
p. 36 Se
p. 37 illo for "Dark Mirror"
p. 38 Anna, A
p. 39 C
p. 44 C death scene
p. 63 A, V; tp for "Relatively"
p. 75 illo for "Relatively"
p. 102 Se/Carnell
p. 151 illo for "Mirage"
Celeste Hotaling pp. 3-9 Wild Child cartoons
p. 14 illo for "Moonlighting"
p. 61 "Man's Best Friend(?)" (A- O)
Jean Kramer p. 11 A
p. 40 C
Julie Nowak p. 22 cartoon illo for "Dance"
p. 28 cartoon illo for "Dance"
p. 32 cartoon illo for "Dance"
p. 35 cartoon illo for "Dance"
Mary Robertson p. 47 A in bed; illo for "Intruder"
Sheila Paulson p. 50 A, C; illo for "Ghosts"
p. 57 A, C; illo for "Ghosts"
p. 112 A, B
Susann Molnar p. 82 illo for "Split"
p. 88 illo for "Split"
p. 156 A; illo for "Remembrance"
p. 162 A-V; illo for "Remembrance"
Mary Gerstner p. 92 A; illo for "Shadows"
J. Arlene Gogan p. 116 GP A-B
p. 126 A, Se; illo for "Condor"
p. 137 ocm; illo for "Condor"
p. 140 spacechip

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