Jenna/original character, male

Sue BursztynskiWorld Enough and TimeCHRONICLES #47S2-S3; time travel, Spartacus; J/ocm AU, 1991.4
Candra DanesenPilotNETWORKS1; past J/ocm, A-hc, A-J assorted stories by Candra Danesen; US, 1983.5
Leah Rosenthal and Ann WorthamHawkwindB7 COMPLEX #16"simul-quel" to "Down and Out" in B7 COMPLEX #11; S5; J/ocm, J/V US, 1988.7
Lindsey Jane SheltonSanctuaryREBEL #8S4; J/ocm, A/J UK, 1990.6

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