Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Publisher: Pursuit Press (Malden, MA)
Date: July 1988

Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham, "Hernia" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; RoS crossover; humor)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Afterthoughts" (alt-S3)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Link" (alt-S3; A-B)
Sheila Paulson, "Thanatos" (S5; reprinted from Orbit #9)
Laura Virgil, "Crossfire" (S5)
Irene Stubbs, "Star of Morning" (S5)
Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham, "Hawkwind" (S5; "simul- quel" to Down and Out in B7 Complex #11; J/ocm, J/V)
Jean Graham, "Spectres" (S5; Mirage 5)
Thomas N. Beck, "Blessed Be the Memory" (S5)
Elizabeth Jarvis, "Fatal Hesitation" (S5)
Deborah M. Walsh, "No Exit" (S5)

Non Fiction:
Deborah M. Walsh, "Mini-Editorial"

Elizabeth Jarvis, "Malodaar Regrets"
Elizabeth Jarvis, "When That Light Fails"
Elizabeth Jarvis, "Inheritor"
Elizabeth Jarvis, "Synopsis of Death"

Laura Virgil front c. B
Leah Rosenthal p. 3 cartoon illo for "Hernia"
p. 69 V, J, ocs; illo for "Hawkwind"
Wilma Douglas p. 6 A, Ta
Deborah M. Walsh p. 36 Se; illo for "Star"
p. 125 illo for "Spectres"
p. 151 illo for "Fatal Hesitation"

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