CarolMel AmbassadorPartnersDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #5S5; A/So US, 1993
CarolMel AmbassadorInheritorGAMBIT #11S5; A/So US, 1994.3
Nicky BarnardDreamshadowSTADLER LINKS4; A-B, A/So UK, 1998
Theresa D. BuffaloeBetrayalSHADOW IMAGININGS #2sequel to "Hunter;" S5; A- V, V/Kerril, A/So/ocf US, 1989
Isobel MacbethMelting IcePOWERS4; A/So UK, 1998.3
Sophia R. MulveyThunder and LightningTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #1Deltah Base series; S5; A/So US, 1988.4
Pat Nussman and Jacqueline TaeroThose DreamsPOWERPLAY #7S4; A/So US, 1990?
Judith RollsDesolationDELIVERANCE 98: THE FICTIONRunner Up Short Story; S4, post- Orbit; A/So UK, 1998.3
Lindsey SheltonOne Moment in TimeAIRWAVES #24S4, post-Orbit; A/So mm; UK, 1992.9
C. K. Smith'Tis the SeasonSPACE DEBRIS #1S4, post-Animals; A/D, A/So; adult Epilogues published separately US, 1989
Virginia TurpinWhile I Was BathingINTERFACE #10S4, Rescue; uc A/So UK, 1986.3

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