Dark Between The Stars Issue 5

Mini Review

by Sarah Thompson

This is a juicy issue for A-B fans. I especially like the first story, "The Choice." I found it very haunting. Catherine Salmon's A-B saga is also very slashy.

"Under the Skin" is a strange dream-story; it could almost be adult in content, perhaps.

Avon and Soolin are a couple in "Partners."

Does anyone know whether J. Kel's series has been continued, and if so, where?


Editor: Kristy Merrill (Orem, UT)
Publisher: Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe (Mason, MI)
Date: [fall 1993]

Sondra Sweigman, "The Choice" (alt-S2; A-B; death)
Alan Moravian, "Who's the Boss" (S3)
Rebecca Donahue, "Reunion" (S3)
Catherine Salmon, "The Longest Day" (Avon's Story, part 1; alt-S3, S4; A-B)
Catherine Salmon, "Long Day Into Night" (Avon's Story, part 2; alt-S4; A-B)
Catherine Salmon, "Waking Nightmare" (Avon's Story, part 3; alt-S4; A-B)
Catherine Salmon, "When the Dawn Breaks" (Avon's Story, part 4; alt-S4; A-B)
Catherine Salmon, "Sunlit Shadows" (Avon's Story, part 5; alt-S4; A-B)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Partners" (S5; A/So)
Alan Moravian, "Under the Skin" (S3; Ta)
Alicia Ann Fox, "The Outbreak" (S1; Spacefall)
Orion Kovacs, "Facade" (S3; A-V)
Robin White, "One Possible Explanation" (S4; Blake)
J. Kel, "Of What Devils Hid the Stars" (Episode 6 of The Pattern of Infinity; S5)

Orion, "Snorkles #1-4" (cartoons using lettering)
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Catherine Salmon, "Dying Wish"
Orion Kovacs, "Avon Confronts Blake"
Catherine Salmon, "When Illusions Shatter"
Melissa Mastoris, "Edge of Destruction"
Melissa Mastoris, "Beloved Stranger"
Sondra Sweigman, "Blake" (corrected version, reprinted from #4; f, Vincent, by Don McLean)
Robin White, "Shadow of a Man"
Melissa Mastoris, "Harmless"
Orion Kovacs, "You... and... I"
Robin White, "Walls"
Alicia Ann Fox, "Lucky 7 Minus 1 Equals 13"
Robin WHite, "Only... Avon"

Richard Jackson cover Se, V, D, A (color)
Linda Garlick p. 1 A
p. 53 A
p. 75 V
Todd Parrish p. 8 J
p. 25 A
p. 35 A
Vicki Brinkmeier p. 11 A's brother
p. 19 A-Ta
Anja Gruber p. 27 A-Ta-V
p. 30 A-B-C
p. 33 A-B
p. 38 Se
p. 49 A-B
p. 57 Tr
p. 85 G
Cynthia Brown p. 69 B
p. 82 A
Leigh Moto'oka p. 70 Ta, V, C, A, D; illo for "Under the Skin"
p. 77 V
p. 78 A-V
minds-i-view p. 97 A, Se, C
p. 109 A/Se
p. 124 C

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