Peter Flanagan & Amanda RothmanAvon Stood in Blake's BodySOUTHERN SEVEN #9S5; A/J, B/C; humor US, 1994.5
Jean B. HubbA Charitable ManGAMBIT #12S3; A/J, B clone US, 1994.11
Holly Hutchison and Alicia Ann FoxTest RunPROBABILITY SQUARES1; A/J US, 1989
Russell MasseyThe Morning AfterTHE WAY BACKS2, Project Avalon; A/J, G/Avalon US/UK, 1995.3
Judith RollsTaking ChancesHORIZON #21sequel to "Second Chances;" S4, Rescue - S3; A/C, past A/J UK, 1998.3
Judith M. SeamanFruits of the Moon TreeHORIZON #12alt-S2; uc A/J, uc A/V, uc A/C UK, 1988.10
Lindsey Jane SheltonSanctuaryREBEL #8S4; J/ocm, A/J UK, 1990.6
Lindsey J. SheltonA Transitional State of BeingREBEL #14S2; A/J UK, 1992.6
Tamara VerbandeThe EngineerFANTASIA #3S1?; A/J; humor mm, but mostly B7; US, 1989.7

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