Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

The best thing in this issue is the pair of A/C stories by Judith Rolls. Very nice and almost adult, though of course not explicit. Nothing else really stands out, IMO, but all the stories are competently written. "Perspectives" is interesting as it shows the third-season characters from the viewpoint of a sympathetic outsider; this is a gimmick that I always enjoy. "In the Name of Justice" is unusual in that it does not involve any of the main characters; it explains how Ven Glynd became involved in Governor LeGrand's plot. "Test of Loyalty" is an interesting view of the Blake of GP, but I thought the basic plot device (apparently supposed to be a surprise) was too obvious. The two A-V stories, "Deadly Illusion" and "Long Odds," don't fit my own vision of the characters. The former has a very nasty Vila and a very gullible Avon; the latter puts a Gambit-type plot into the third season, where I don't think it works very well. I think that once Avon became the leader he had to behave more responsibly; and besides, with Blake gone, why should Avon and Vila need to conceal their schemes? "Retracing the Past" is your basic Mary Sue.

For the TN, no Tarrant Quotient to speak of, except a tiny bit of Ta-hc in "Long Odds," when an unexpected injury to Tarrant delays the larcenous plans of Avon and Vila.

Worth it for the Judith Rolls stories alone, if you like A/C. Otherwise, I'd recommend borrowing it from a friend.


Editor: Susie Carnell
Publisher: Horizon, the B7 Appreciation Society
Date: March 1998
Format: A5 digest, 99 pp., blue card cover, center staples

Judith Rolls, "Second Chances" (S3, post-Sarcophagus; uc A/C)
Nina Lynch, "Deadly Illusion" (alt-S2; A-V)
Pam Crispin, "Retracing the Past" (S4; A-ocf)
Andrew Phillips, "In the Name of Justice" (S2, pre-Voice; Glynd-LeGrand)
Shaan Everson, "Perspectives" (S3; B-ocm, A-hc)
Gillian F. Taylor, "Long Odds" (S3; A-V)
Kathryn Davis, "Test of Loyalty" (S4; B)
Judith Rolls, "Taking Chances" (sequel to "Second Chances;" S4, Rescue - S3; A/C, past A/J)

Kathy Hanson cover A-C
p. 43 Ven Glynd, LeGrand, Nagu
p. 65 A-V; illo for "Long Odds"
p. 72 V; illo for "Long Odds"
p. 77 A-V; illo for "Long Odds"
photo p. 51 B

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