Blake's Seven

Beloved Adversary

(Kathleen Resch) - a GEN novel by Sondra Sweigman. At the crucial moment Avon decides not to fire the fatal shots in the tracking galley. Now Avon, Blake, Deva, and the Scorpio crew are hiding from the Federation on Gauda Prime. Will they find a way off with their vital Drug Pacification Program information before Servalan finds them? Danger and suspense, emphasizing the issues of conflict, loyalty, and trust between Avon and Blake.



(Kathleen Resch) A Gen novel by Pat Patera. A Fifth Season novel: a tale of treachery. A deadly rival between Jenna and Avon may destroy Blake and the Rebellion forever.

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A Delicate Balance

(Kathleen Resch) A GEN novel by Sondra Sweigman, sequel to "Beloved Adversary". Safely away from Gauda Prime, Blake and his rebels have established a hidden base on the planet Ryanec, heart of the Federation's Pylene-50 program. . Blake has concocted a daring scheme to infiltrate the complex where the drug is being processed and deal the entire Pacification Program a lethal blow, but unanticipated obstacles seem destiend to thwart his plans, and once again the ever-changing ratio between trust and hostility in his relationship with Avon holds the key to determining the final outcome- Includes a frank look at the terrible choices which those who take up arms in freedom's cause are sometimes forced to face.


Fire And Ice

(Kathleen Resch)

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Some say the end will come in fire, some say in ice... A Blake/Avon fanzine.

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